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Response Times / Service / Professionalism Input Requested


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  • Response Times / Service / Professionalism Input Requested

    (I tried posting this in the orginal conversation - but apparantly no one was interested in opening the orginal ACO Thread again.... So I'll start this thread and see if I can get you all to hit in....)

    Now, if we can just get them to come out within two hours and/or before we have to shoot the dog.
    Heck, they only had 2 officers working the ENTIRE county today. We had 3 runs at the same time on east that required them to come out and take custody of the dogs. Keeping them busy.
    At least you can get Animal Control to come out. On Late shift they are "On Call" or not available. They also wont come out for a loose dog. Only if it is contained and it is 45min-1hr min. I haven't seem one in months and i work the same district as you. Needs to change.
    Originally Posted by halfacop
    As to the LEO's who are working inside the city limits - I know that the relationships between the departments and Animal Control have been strained due to response times and such. I look forward to getting on the road and helping to improve those times and the service the department provides. Just know that if I am on the job I wil be doing everything I can to make sure you guys get what you need from us when you call.....
    Okay - Myself and the other 4 Officers that were hired have now been on since July. I am really wondering if you guys have seen a increase or decrease in response times? Do you guys think the service we provide is sufficent or are you still finding yourself waiting to long or having issues with us not coming at all.....

    I can safely say there are MAJOR ISSUES with this department but I certainly feel that when I am getting the Pri 1 calls for LEF Assist, that my response times have been very good. I have worked with several IMPD Officers and every one of them has thanked me for coming out and more then a few have offered up some really nice compliments. I really view us all as one team and want to make sure my division is doing everything they need to in support yours!

    So lets here it Gents. I want the Good and the Bad! I would like to hear any thing you have to say about this department. Whether its thoughts about Response Times, Uniforms, Professionalism of the officers etc etc....

    We're looking to change this department - and I would like to know what you guys see!
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    As for Late Shift(930p-6a), It seemed about the same.
    Now I am on Day Tac (730-4p)and it seems much better response for everything. Animal Control included.
    So my perspective is warped with shift change...


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      Response times on night shifts are ALWAYS going to be longer, regardless of the unit. Compare response times for SWAT call-outs during daytime hours and night hours, and they'll always be quicker on days. Remember, not everyone works nights, so you're having somebody get out of bed, get dressed, get logged into a computer or figure out where they're going, then drive time (non-emergent obviously, so stopping at lights, etc). That's IF the person has a take home car, and doesn't have to get to the station to pick up a car. If your response times on nights are 30-60 minutes, that's acceptable in most places I would think.
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