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  • Lice...WTF?!

    Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with law enforcement.

    Ok, my wife works in the office for an elementary school here in Hamilton Co. and was telling me that there is one classroom where 7 kids have lice and that the school in general has several more cases. I made a comment to the effect of "wow, that teacher's classroom will be the quietest in the school for the next few days", indicating my belief that those kids would be staying home until they were lice free. She corrected me and told me that that is no longer the case; apparently lice is no longer a reason to keep a child from coming to school as the state and county health dept. have decided lice is not a "health risk". I thought she was yanking my chain at first, but then realized she was serious. While I understand that lice do not spread the plague, or anything else for that matter other than their nasty little rice-like eggs that has my head itching just thinking about it, what about the school's responsibility to protect other children and families? While there may not be a serious health risk, there is a good amount of cost to families that have to get rid of the little guys; medicine, huge loads of laundry, 300-400 showers, etc...and then you send them back to school to pick it up again! Was anyone else aware of this new "bring your nit to class" policy? I'm sure if more parents in the district knew about it there would be some kind of uprising...or at least some strongly worded emails. Thoughts? Opinions?

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    It takes about 10 minutes to get the lice out of your hair with a simple Anti-Lice Shampoo. Sure, it's annoying as hell to wash all the clothes, bedding, etc. But that's not a reason to keep the kid out of school. I understand sending the kid HOME when the Lice is discovered, but not keeping a kid out of school for multiple days when a treatment is immediately available and works so quickly.
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    To me, open carry is the equivalent of the couple making out and groping each other at the food court in the mall. Yeah, they are probably legal, as long as they don't start getting undressed. But they are still social retards.
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