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    I just received a letter about the new process for Fishers. Does anyone know about this process. The letter says there are no spots open and it is just a pool but now how many can be in the pool or for how long. Any details on this would be great. Thanks.

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    They just had a process. I wish I would have done better, I barely got cut after the oral board interviews. Anyways, in that process, which I think started in March, they had an informal meeting where they discussed the process and physical agility test. At that meeting, they said they were looking at six slots, if I recall. They are going to be taking over the SE corner of Hamilton Co. soon (if not already), so they did need people. However, the article in the Indy Star (on-line) stated that they only had three people left from that process. Also, there was something about their budget being cut, which seems to be happening all over the state. With additional property tax caps coming, and the slow economy, it wouldn't surprise me if many departments were not re-allocating resources (ie: "Hey quarter master, no more M-F sitting here in the office. You get one day in the office, the rest of the days you work shift.") and hiring just enough to get things covered.

    So if they do hire those three remaining applicants, something tells me that the money they cut from their budget was the other positions they discussed back the first part of the year. I would love to get on another department, but the whole economy and property tax caps thing is scaring me. I would hate to get on a better department, only to get laid-off within a year or so. If they have no open positions, but just want a list, it sounds like they would only hire from that list if someone left (which I hear is rare for that department), or one of the new hires didn't make it.


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