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Bill on Teen Drivers


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  • Bill on Teen Drivers

    I'd like to get some input/discussion going on the bill regarding teen drivers.

    If you're not familiar with it, here are the basics:
    Requires 50 hours of Driver's Education, with 10 of that being at night.
    Bans all cell phone use by drivers under age 18 (no exception stated for emergencies or hands free devices).
    Raises the age of when a teen can get a license to 16 yrs 6 mos.
    States that if a teen does not have Driver's Ed, may still get license at age 17.

    I have no problem with the additional training and think it makes sense. In fact, some of the stuff taught on "skills" day at ILEA should be taught to teens.
    I think there should be something put in for hands free devices. Some cars have a built in Bluetooth now so you can sync your cell phone up to the car.
    I completely disagree with raising the age from what it currently is. I think if a teen busts his/her butt and completes the mandated hours by age 16, they should not have to wait an additional 6 months to get the license. Also, is it fair that for someone not taking D.E., they can still get a license only 6 months after someone who does take D.E.?

    I e-mailed a couple senators that I've seen mentioned in articles, etc, to express my concerns/thoughts, but what do you guys think?

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    Another feelgood law. How am I supposed to know who is under 18 while they are driving and talking. I think there will be a lot of 19-22yr olds getting stopped for talking on the cell while driving. What is the point of raising the age 6 mo? I mean really, what does that accomplish? Just what I need, another BS traffic law to enforce. As if I don't have enough to remember. THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!!!


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      I would like to see them raise the age to 21 with no DE course and supervised driving.

      I think they should allow officers to be driver's ed instructors as well.
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        I personally believe teens should have to wait until they're 18 before allowed to get their driver's license. And that's even with the DE course. I've worked far too many 10-50's with under 18 drivers.
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          I too believe L.E. EVO Instructors should be allowed to be D.E. Instructors.

          In regards to the age again though, I'm an EVO Instructor and have plans to teach my boys some of those "basic skills" we teach, as well as additional training.

          I'm sure most officers will also teach their children about driving safety, just as you've probably done with gun safety.

          Unfortunately, there are a lot more teens who don't get extra training and all, and those are typically the ones we see on the crashes.


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            Originally posted by towncop View Post
            I personally believe teens should have to wait until they're 18 before allowed to get their driver's license. And that's even with the DE course. I've worked far too many 10-50's with under 18 drivers.
            Amen TownCop, kids today have no real experience driving. It's not like back in the 50's 60's 70's when kids grew up on tractors and driving the truck in hayfield and such.

            Raise it to 18. It puts more of a burden on parents of kids who do extra activities but it'll save more lives.

            I will admit I had absolutely no business driving at 16.


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              You have to start sometime, and 16 or 18 a new driver is a new driver. I remember some guys in their early 20s who had just gotten their license when I was in the Army. They'd never owned a car in their mass-transit laden hometowns and realized they had to drive if they were going to get around in Kansas. Maturity may have been a smidge better, but skillwise? Eh, like I said, a new driver is a new driver.

              As far as the "no cell phone" stuff for drivers, why is that needed? If you're driving dangerously or distractedly there are already laws that cover it. Left of center, failure to signal, unsafe lane change, disregard signs/signals, etc. Write the ticket for the resulting lousy driving, not the phone.

              If you don't want to enforce it, don't notice it. Sounds to me like a "no insurance" type of ticket. It'll be awarded after something else went wrong.
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                It's the experience and maturity that counts, green 18 year olds driving will be just like the green 16 year olds. Keep them only driving with a licensed driver 21 or over until they are 18. Probationary time is great if we cite them, the judge can suspend them or extend the probationary time, that way its an individual penalty rather than a totality against an age group.
                Speaking of, I was enroute to a call last week at night and came up on a vehicle, was going to pass it, but it sped up to 85 MPH... in a 45 zone. Got it pulled over and the 16 year old male said he doesn't like it when people pass him. He was laughing the whole time trying to be cool in front of his buddies.


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                  About every five years or so, the number of "responsible" teens seems to drop 5% or more. Parents are not doing their job, being "friend" instead of "boss." I see more and more of these attitudes every year. It is not always in a bad context either. Just kids who are so clueless in life. One 21 year old was the victim of a hit and run. She said she just didn't know what to do, had zero clue at all about accidents or anything. Was able to find the person that struck her, said she figured if she just stayed parked, that was good enough because the vehicle was still there. Two totally clueless "adults."

                  I have no problem with 16 years olds driving, but they should only be allowed to drive alone or with a sibling (to assist in getting brothers and sisters to appointments, etc.). They should not be allowed to drive with any friends, as that seems to compound the problem. The more 16-21 year olds that get together, the more they all seem to revert to the dumbest among the group.


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