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  • Polishing Lightbar

    I want to polish my Code 3 light bar covers. What is a good product to use? I heard just use polishing compound. Does that sound correct? Can you wax them after or is there any way to protect the new shine?
    I have to do something because mine are pretty shabby looking and super hazey.

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    If they are really hazy and nasty, get some of that rubbing compound that says it will restore yellowed headlights. Buff like you're angry at the lights, inside and out.

    Once that's done, use Plexus on them with a microfiber cloth. Its made for plastics and I also use it on my motorcycle windshield and helmet visor. No need to be angry this time, just spray and firmly wipe in little circles. You'll get the rest of the haze and the any residue from the first compound off.

    Afterwards just hit it with the Plexus every few weeks and you shouldn't have to use the first compound again for quite awhile.
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      I would prefer to use a bit stronger cleaning methods on MX7000's.... .40 and 7.62 work a lot better

      Or, get the new TOMAR Scorpion!!
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        I did my old set of streethawk lenses with some "Brasso" polish (worked AMAZINGLY well) for a few over coats then fine tuned it with Meguiars Plast-X. That fills in the smaller swirls.

        Spend the extra money and go to AutoZone or whatever you have there and get the Mothers Paint ball (the red foamy ball thing you stick in a drill) - it really gets in the inside nicely. Using some sort of buffer is the key to polishing them.... inside and out.

        After about 5-6 coats they should be 90-95% as good as a new set. Seriously.
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