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Illinois State Police Academy ?'s


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  • Illinois State Police Academy ?'s

    First off, I'm new to this forum so I would like to say hello to everyone! I'm currently on active duty in the U.S. Navy (AE) and have been in a little over four years now. My EAOS (separation date) is coming up in June of 2009, and I'm looking a possible options when I separate from the Navy.

    I'm going to be applying to several different colleges here in the next few months, but I'm also considering applying to the Illinois State Police Academy. It really seems like it would be a fun and rewarding career after, well a few years, and I would continue on with my government service.

    I've read over their website, and pretty much saw that I can apply almost right after I seperate from the Navy. All I need is a A.A. (need two more classes) and at least 4 years active duty, but I have my doubts. I've read over a few posts, asking similar questions, and I begin doubting if I would even be a worthy applicant.

    As a minor, I was arrested for stealing a woman's handbag, but everything was taken off my record. Took a few classes through the court system and everything was dropped. On the other hand, before I joined at about the age of 18, me and my parents got into a big fight. The police ended up being called and I was arested for domestic volience and criminal damage to property (broke a door). All those charges were dropped to though, I believe because I had no priors and it was really really petty. I've also had a few speeding ticket's from a few years back.

    Really, I'm just doubting myself, and would like to hear if I would even be a worthy applicant. I mean, I've had my fair share of problems (nothing to serious), but if anything I think that makes me more educated/experienced. I've learned from my mistakes and took a turn for the better. I mean who is perfect right?

    When all is said and done:

    -I will have served honorably for five years in the U.S. Navy.

    -Finished a general A.A degree through the University of Maryland.

    -I don't have a criminal record, except for what I listed that was dropped.

    -I have a security clearance.

    -Never got in trouble in the Navy.

    -Credit is good.

    -Etc, Etc.

    I'm not bragging I just want you guys to get a idea about who I am, and if you think I should even bother applying? And/or any advice you might have? Nothing is for certain yet, just trying to get an idea of possible options for when I get out here in the next 11 months.

    Thank you for reading.

    Be safe out there!

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    Looks fine to me.. All I can say is apply and see what happens..


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      As long as you were not convicted of domestic battery than your good. You cannot own/carry a firearm with a coviction for DB. Everything else is good...(except for the fact that your a squid!!) Just joking...Just be honest about the stuff you know they will find out...and its "nun-ya" for the stuff they won't! There are troopers/deputies/local cops with DUI's and other stuff on their records, so no need to worry.


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