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  • Was I misinformed?

    So I am a November 06 Tester and went overseas for a job. I then flew back to Chicago for the May 18th, 2008 pre-power test and passed that. I had to fly back to my job overseas soon after I passed the pre-power test and found out that the screening portion was going to be held on June, 8th 2008. I called and talked to two different people at the investigations department to see if there was a way of dealing with people who missed the Screening appointment. I was told by both of them (I wanted to talk to two different people just so that I knew the information was correct) that there would be a date set later (they both didn't know how much later) for those who needed to retake the pre-power test or for those who missed their screening appointment. I was originally going to fly back for the June 8th screening but they assured me that I would have a second chance later so I would not be throwing my application process in the dumps. I am getting the feeling that I was either misinformed that there is no second chance for people who failed or missed their test/screening appointment OR this process of setting up a make-up date is taking a really long time. Which one is it? Is there really a make-up date for people? or retake?

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    hey, I would talk to personnel. I believe they will reschedule you, however you will have to ask if you will be placed with another group of testers...I have no idea how they process missed testing. I would keep up on it, after do this for 2 1/2 years, it seems like the right hand never knows what the left hand is doing! But yes, this hiring process takes years...


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