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Age, It's Effect On Hiring


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  • Age, It's Effect On Hiring

    I am 29 years old and will be testing for a few police departments in the up and coming months. However, I have also thought about going and getting my FireFighter II and Paramedic certifications. If I do that, I will be 31/32 years old when I complete the process.

    In Illinois, I know that the for both police and fire departments the maximum hiring age is 35. My concern is that even with the proper requirements (be it for either a police or fire department) someone near the age limitation stands less of a chance of being hired.

    I have heard that this is not true and that both types of departments like to value life experiences in other segments of society. I just don't believe that I buy this. It is difficult to get a straight answer from a department because they will tell you the politically correct answer that "as long as you fall within the age limitations and have the proper requirements, you stand just as good of an opportunity as anyone else."

    If anyone out there can shed some light into this, please do so. I am really interested in either of these career fields, however, if the age becomes and issue, I may look into other things.


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    I hear what you are saying, I am an older candidate as well. But it really does depend on the department. Sometimes it's impossible to figure out what they are looking for in a candidate. Everybody has different views. My advice is not to try to be anybody else but yourself, and to bring as much as you can to the table with each department you apply for. If you truly are a good fit, you will get hired. What works for one department may not work for another. For instance, what works for Chicago PD (all crime, all the time - or so it seems!) may not work for Naperville PD (totally different environment). Find out as much as you can about each department and just keep applying.

    And even if the politcally correct thing about age sounds like a bunch of b.s., you don't want to waste the chance of not applying and possibly missing a potential opportunity. You're within the age limits, so have at it, and good luck!
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      The cut-off age is more about retirement and pension. They don't care if you're close to it. In fact, that makes it more likely that you'll stay with the department and they'll get a lot of use out of you. That seems to be the perspective I get from departments I've tested with.


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        Sheriff's departments in Illinois have no age limit.


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          most dept's like the fact that a candidate is older, they are more responsible and will not make as many mistakes...(especailly off duty)

          Regardless of what you choose I think you should start testing now because it could take up to two years after you start the testing process.


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            Chicago P.D.'s cut off is 40.


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