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  • I really need advice!

    Hello everybody,

    As the name of the thread is, i really need some advice. My brother got a DUI a couple months ago or maybe a few months ago not really sure. He went to court and got probation and of course DUI classes, and i don't know if this is new but he also has being getting tested for drugs randomly. So far, he has being doing good, no more driving under the influence and going to his DUI classes. The first time he got test randomly for drugs, he tested positive for mariguana and i think PCP. He got a court date for it and was giving another chance, i guess to straightned up. He later was called again to be tested randomly and again he tested positive for mariguana but i don't know about PCP this time. He is a good guy and not even close to a drug addict and i'm not just saying this because he is my brother but because i know him, he just made some bad mistakes... Well, he got another court date because he tested positive. So my question is, can he get arrested at his court date for testing positive again? He is really afraid that he will lose his two jobs and not being able to pay for his child support...

    Also, will this hurt his chances in joining the Sheriff's Department? Any advice i would deeply appreciate.

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    Probation is a conviction,so kiss the sheriffs dept or any dept goodbye.I will assume the terms of his probation was not to use drugs and if I'm correct in assuming so ,he may get the original time for the DUI.You say he is doing well,but is using drugs. Why would he even consider a law enforcement career? I guess he will quit the drugs when he gets hired.And not to be funny, but If he was so worried about his two jobs and child support he should of thought of that before he hit the wickie stick.
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      Thanks for the advice, but the last thing i need to hear is from you trying to tell me how he should be acting or what he should of done. The last incident happened in may and he has being good since. I already yell at him and made him seem what he was doing wrong... But other than that, i do appreciate your info, it was helpful... Hope he doesn't get arrested


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        Hey gundog, sorry for my tone! It's just that my brother has being through so much and he's being feeling very depressed lately. So i'm trying to cheer him up, trying to tell him that he wont get arrested, just hope that is the case. but i do appreciate the info...


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          If the conviction doesn't screw him over, the PCP use will.

          Tell him to look for a different career.
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            I guess the most important question is can he get arrested at his next court date which is on the 29 of july?


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              The decisions he made are ones that he will have to live with for the rest of his life. He will not ever be hired by a police or sheriff's department, as the crimes he committed demonstrate his lack of good judgement (something needed to be a police officer).


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                What do you call a person who has not been convicted of a crime?

                A Police Officer


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                  You are looking for someone here to give you a magical answer. When in reality, it is all up to the judge. Either the judge will give him another chance, or lock him up.
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