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Parking ticket question


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  • Parking ticket question

    I hate my car. Long story short, I go in to get it fixed at a shop, I come out with the mechanic saying I need a new engine...and that ain't gonna happen (broke college kid) so I decided to sell it. Since it's barely drivable, I leave it parked on the street. It's been sitting there for the last two months with no problems.

    Well in the past 3 days I've received three parking tickets in two groups. First group was for expired city sticker & a "no parking anytime", and the second group was another for expired city sticker. It's obvious that I need a city sticker but since I haven't been driving, I forgot all about it.

    My question is, can I take a new city sticker that I'm gonna buy and after selling it, legally transfer it to my new car?

    The whole reason my car is sitting there is because I'm in debt, can't get it fixed, just need to sell it, and parking tickets just make it worse. And if I have to buy 2 stickers (~$160-200) I may as well just leave it on the street, let it get booted up and forget all about it.

    Thank you for any input.

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    Yes, you can transfer the sticker if you buy a new car. It costs something like $10-$15 and you have to have all the little pieces of the old sticker that you scraped off...


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      Thank you, will do.

      Sorry for incorrectly titling this thread; should've read, "City sticker question".


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