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Can you tell if a police car is a real police car?


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  • Can you tell if a police car is a real police car?

    If someone buys a police car from an auction (unmarked) you as a police officer can you tell if it is a member of your force before you ride past them? It looks like you have to be next to them to find out. I think that this throws the public off what do you think?

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    lol what kind of question is that. if it's unmarked then there are no markings on it. it would then just look like a crown vic...


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      Here it's hard to tell, most of our unmarked cars don't have Police plates on them or anything.


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        I guess it all boils down to different agencies....

        In my department our "unmarked" vehicles have Sheriff plates, for one.. secondly they have the little antennas on the back/on the trunk. And it will sometimes have the high beam light on the driver's side window.

        We do have some unmarked vehicles with regular IL plates and absolutely no markings.. but those are used by our fugitive warrants/gang unit/HIDTA type units.


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          if you see one that your not sure of here is what you do, blow through a red light, if it pulls you over then its real!
          Who you calling twig pigs? we prefer tree police thank you!


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            There just should be some way to tell them apart without blowing a red light


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              Originally posted by ParkCop 23 View Post
              if you see one that your not sure of here is what you do, blow through a red light, if it pulls you over then its real!
              Best advice yet. I would seriously recommend following it.

              Why should there be a way to tell them apart?


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                Why would anyone care if it's unmarked or not. Don't break the law and you will not have to worry about it. The people who buy old cruisers and deck them out to look like real ones again are either security companies, up to no good, or are really geek ed up about something and want to look important. Granted there are some people who buy them from auctions just to drive,but they don't make them look like they are still in service.
                Some people were just dropped on their heads as children more than the rest of us!


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                    One thing I hate are those people who have Crown Vics but drive slowly like they are the police. Not to boast but I feel like I can pick 'em out pretty good (at least CPD unmarked units)...mainly due to the car characteristics but also due to the officer's driving characteristics.

                    The license plate is also a total giveaway...not because of what's written on it, but because of the lack of design versus the civilian decorated plates.

                    Antennas also give you up. Lojack antennas or even a small cellular antenna on the roof is a giveaway as well. Your (sometimes fatter) wheels also give you away.

                    Also, if you wear at cap, that's another good giveaway. Why do you feel you need a cap?

                    If you look comfortable as hell with how you're driving that could also hint that you're an unmarked unit. For example, driving with your left arm sitting on the window ledge.

                    I've had my share of being pulled over with the worst thing happening to me being handed a ticket for tinted windows (which have been removed), so I kind of recognize these things....subconsciously (as odd or criminally-minded it might sound).


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