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  • CPD Academy Questions

    How long does the Academy last, and what are the hours like?

    What can be expected as far as the different phases go, ie, first week filling out paperwork, then wearing sweats for awhile, then khakis etc. ?

    Do you have PE everyday, and if so does it happen first thing in the morning, afternoon, or last thing of the day?

    Any other information you can pass along would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm sure this has been posted a thousand times but:

    The academy is approximately 24-26 weeks long. You will be there on average from 0700-1600 M-F, unless your HRI make you come in early or you have one of the occasional classes that you will come in and leave later in the day. Since some of you classes will run short or long, your lunch and breaks will run accordingly to stay on schedule. You will also be required to work the occasional detail (enjoy Bud Biliken, suckers). Also make sure you get there early. I don't know how it will be since there is only going to be one CPD class there, but parking is legendary in a bad way.

    The 1st week you will be in business attire (I recommend you wear a suit if you can). You will be given that 1st week to get all of your khakis and gym equipment. There will be lots of paperwork the first three days and your first week can be intense and intimidating to some. The further in you get, the better they treat you. You will wear khakis all of the time except for PT. You will wear your blues once you pass the state exam.

    PT used to be something like 180 hours which averaged out to two or three times a week, but now the Supt requires PT everyday. You will have it at whatever time they schedule it for your group. Otherwise you will go from class to class with breaks and lunch in between.

    The best part of being there is figuring it out. That's how you tell the new recruits from the slightly less new recruits. Some people have fun and some people would never want to do it again. Just make the best of it and stay out of trouble because everyone is watching you now.


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