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Trying to sell my side arm...


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  • Trying to sell my side arm...

    Ok I am trying to find some advice on here of how to get rid of my side arm.

    I have a Sig 226R DAK I want to sell. I do not have an FFL, so I am trying to sell it to some one who does. I paid $950 for it brand new so im am looking for a place where I can get a decent price for it. I know im not getting anywhere near that for it, but I would like to get a good deal on it. Its only been slightly used, less than 500 rounds through it.

    Any info of a dealer I could sell it to that wont rip me off would be great.

    Thanks guys.

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    The thing about a dealer is that they're in business to make money. If they have to sell it to someone at a used price, they're going to have to pay you less than that used price.

    Best bet would be to sell to a police officer at a lesser price and minimize your loss.

    You do not need a FFL to sell to someone face to face if the buyer has a valid FOID.

    If you need an FFL, I can give you contact information to someone in Oak Lawn.

    With a new CPD academy starting soon, you might have some offers coming in from those folks to save a few bucks.


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      Only problem with that is I dont have the original reciept. I was in a really bad crash and the reciept was in the car. How do I go about selling it without that?


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        You do not need the original receipt or a receipt at all.


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            PM sent.....
            "Well I'd lock him up for what we know he did, and then throw in a few extra years for what he probably did." ~Hank Hill

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              Originally posted by jeisenberg25
              I just bought a weapon from another deputy and all we did was write up a document for each of us to sign that says who is buying and selling, for what price, our foid numbers, and serial of weapon.

              Anyway, why are you selling it? I thought you were trying to get back into LE.

              I am, but I want to go with either a 9mm or a .45 ACP. Its in .40 s&w. The other part is that I REALLY need the money right now, being that i am in between jobs right now. My luck isnt working out too well for me.


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                I've sold two guns to a buddy of mine. In addition to making a sales form with all the FOID information, we also made copies of each others' drivers license and FOID for each other.

                I sold most of my guns after getting out of the PI business. I'm down to a H&K P2000 9mm and a Smith & Wesson 686 6" hand me down that my dad gave to me which is about 30 years old. Just don't have much of an interest or need for them since I left the profession.

                The 686 will never leave me. There's too much sentimental value in it.

                I'm just hoping that I can use the H&K on whatever dept. I get on so I don't have to go out and spend a few hundred on another gun.


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                  there is a gun shop in lincolnwood, it's a little drive from ol but they will perform the paperwork transaction from one party to another. They used to charged $20.00. I don't know if they still charge the same or raised the price. Just an idea.


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                    thanks for the info guys, everything has been taken care of.


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