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A few CPD hiring questions...


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  • A few CPD hiring questions...

    I am currently an LE college student in Minneapolis, I will be done in about a year and a half or so. I have been looking at larger police departments throughout the midwest, including here, the MPD. I've also looked at Milwaulkee and Chicago. The CPD really interest me though because of its size and location. I've already spent a good couple of hours combined these last few nights looking through these forums and Real Police forums trying to find answers to some of my questions on the CPD. I've found alot of info, but there are still a few quesitons I would like to be aswered if there are any current CPD LEOs out there that could help or anybody with any knowledge of the CPD hiring process at all.

    1.) First off, the BI home interview, do I have to live IN Chicago or the surrounding area to have this home interview conducted? It seems that would be the case, but then how do people out of state get this to work for them? Do I need to live in or around Chicago just to even try to get hired?

    2.) College credit requirements: like I said, I am currently taking an LE program at a local community college here in Minneapolis and will be going through the Minnesota Skills program soon, but my question is, because the CPD hiring process is about 1 1/2 to 2 years or more, when is it required to show I have 60 semester credits? Can I apply while I'm still in college, or do I have to wait until after I am completly done?

    3.) Does anyone have any experience applying to CPD out of state, and how many trips can I expect to have to make to Chicago from start to finish, if I were to make it that far? Does the test have to be done in Chicago?

    I know this seems early in asking some of these questions since I'm not even done with my college credits, but I'd like to know now what I should expect. From what I've read, the CPD hiring process is looooonnnngggg, but for the ones who make it, worth it.

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    Not CPD but:

    You have to have 60 credit hours by the time you take the written test. But with the way CPD is changing now, I wouldn't think it's too far out to think that they might raise the credit hour requirement. The new Supt. is changing things at a rapid pace.

    I wanted to go work for a LEA in Minnesota but when I saw that you guys had to pay your way through the academy first and then get hired, I realized it wasn't financially feasible for me. Saw some people training at the Burnsville gun range 1.5 years ago when I was up there.

    Love Minnesota, it's such a beautiful place!


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      If you live out of state, u have to come to Chicago and meet with the BI at Police Headquarters for your BI Interview.

      U have to be living in Chicago before u start the academy, your BI will tell u that you have passed all stages except for the final power test, if you are certain u are going to pass the POWER, thats when you make the move. U normally have 3 weeks between the final POWER and the academy start date.


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        A few answers to your questions...

        1. When you start the academy, you have to live in Chicago. be a permanent resident of the city of Chicago. However, prior to being offered conditional employment as a PPO, your BI will be done at the Police HQ. You can apply for CPD and take the written exam while living out of state, you just have to be a resident once you start the academy.

        2. The day you take the written exam you have to have the minimum of 60 Semester hours or 4 years continous active duty in the military. You cannot take the written exam and have only 50 semester hours and complete the last 10 before you are hired. YOU MUST HAVE ALL 60 THE DAY YOU TAKE THE WRITTEN EXAM. If not, you will be disqualified.

        3. You can expect to take at least 5-6 trips, if not more, here. You have the written exam, the initial POWER test, the written psych test, the medical exam, the psycholgical review, the BI, and your last POWER test. I may be missing a few steps but know you will have to travel several times. But it;s worth it if you are committed to this profession. You have to travel to Chicago to take the written exam. It has to be done in chicago

        Hope this helps


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          If your coming from out of state, at least if it's a plane ride or long drive like Min, they will TRY schedule your Medical exam and orsl pysch eval on consecutive days so u can knock those 2 out on the same trip. At least thats what i was told from people I know who are on from out of state.


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            College Credits

            Miss. J I am not sure what they told you took the test but when we took it they told us that we need the credits by the end of 2006. And I took my test in Nov of 06.


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              Originally posted by Sefe85 View Post
              when we took it they told us that we need the credits by the end of 2006. And I took my test in Nov of 06.
              Hmm, took the test in June 06 and they turned a few testers away for not having the required credits on that day. Must have changed the rule since then.



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                They must have changed the rules. You must have the credits the day you take the exam initially. If not, your were disqualified. I guess things changed from June to November, but hey, this is the City of Chicago, things are ALWAYS changing without notice...LIKE THE START OF THE ACADEMY


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                  There is a guy on the hockey team that is from Minnesota. He is fairly new less than 2 yrs I want to say. Send me a pm, I 'll try to get his name for you.
                  When I was at the academy, I had fellow officers in my home roomwho did not turn in their proof of education credits when the academy started. They were given at least a week after the academy started to turn the proof in.


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                    That's not correct for CPD. At some point you have to bring in a copy of your OFFICIAL transcript. If you don't have it at that time then you are DQ. At least that's how it was for us Feb 06 testers.


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                      I had a question for any of the Feb Jun or Aug testers when you where going through the process did you get a letter in the mail from CPD asking you for your SS#, email and home addresses. As far as I know only the Nov testers got one.


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                        Correct, only the November 06 class received that post card. Because you guys tested so long ago and they haven't gotten to your group yet CPD just wants to make sure when they do start to contact you guys they still have the most up to date contact information. A lot of people miss out because they move or change their phone number and have know knowledge that CPD had tried to contact them for the next step in the process.


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