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  • I-clear

    Does anyone have the number for I-CLEAR? My department wants to finally get access to it. Thanks.

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    Originally posted by momof4 View Post
    Does anyone have the number for I-CLEAR? My department wants to finally get access to it. Thanks.
    Try calling CPD information services. I will try to get the number for you.


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      Phone # to information services is 312-745-5534...hope it helps.


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        Love seeing more Dept.'s getting on CLEAR. Comes in handy for us and them when looking for someone..


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          I-CLEAR is on the way!

          Released: January 9, 2004

          Governor Blagojevich, Mayor Daley, Director Trent and Superintendent Cline announce an exciting new partnership to create the Illinois Citizen and Law Enforcement Analysis and Reporting System (I-CLEAR).
          The Chicago Police Department (CPD) and the Illinois State Police (ISP) have been working over the past year to develop a partnership that will significantly impact the quality of public safety. This partnership seeks to leverage the existing financial, technological, and human resources of the CPD and the ISP to develop a system for the collection, maintenance, and dissemination of criminal justice data in Illinois.

          In this joint effort, CPD and ISP seek to overcome the traditional barriers to information sharing by migrating to a common integrated system by building on the power of CPD's existing CLEAR system and the ISP’s LEADS System to create one integrated technology solution to serve all law enforcement in the state. Rarely do opportunities exist that allow government to improve public safety while simultaneously reducing long-term costs

          Short-term Outcomes:

          To expand Chicago Police Department's current criminal case and incident management systems to a common system available to all ISP officers and ultimately all law enforcement agencies who would choose to participate;
          To begin removing the redundancy of CPD's and ISP's Criminal History Records systems and merge them into a single, more complete and robust criminal history system;
          To expand the current CLEAR system into a statewide, law enforcement data warehouse by creating a statewide criminal database that is accessible by all law enforcement officers. We will populate the data warehouse with all of Illinois' arrest data and then make that data and the I-CLEAR's analytical tools available to all Police Departments in Illinois via the LEADS network;
          To provide crime solving information directly to the officer on the street, where he or she needs it most. Our initial efforts toward this important goal will be the piloting of I-CLEAR access to officers and investigators through the Illinois Wireless Information Network.
          This is the largest, most comprehensive law enforcement information integration effort in the nation to date. This effort complements the Illinois Integrated Justice Information System (IIJIS) Implementation Board created by Governor Blagojevich in June 2003.

          The ISP and CPD will be sharing information in ways that were only dreamed of in the past. I-CLEAR will have the potential to create an unprecedented reduction in crime, provide for a safer and more secure Illinois while increasing public accountability and allowing for the effective use of diminished resources.

          Through I-CLEAR, Illinois' criminal justice community will be able to share arrest and crime incident information from everywhere in the state, giving law enforcement the analytical tools they need to more effectively solve crimes. No longer will criminal information be held in individual silos, unavailable to the officers who need it most. Through the ground-breaking capabilities of I-CLEAR, we will empower police officers in communities throughout Illinois to solve crime faster and keep the people of Illinois safer.

          For more information contact:
          Public Information Office
          Telephone: 217 - 782 - 6637
          TDD: 1 - 800 - 255 - 3323


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            Thanks for the info. I did call CPD today and left a message for a sgt who is responsible for the site. I love that FOP directory. I was in a different area when I needed it but found it today. Thanks again.


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