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    Originally posted by NEC1234 View Post
    Well, would you want to be either one of those? If so, say true. I dont know the deeper meaning, if one exists. Just take these questions at face value because if youre worried about that you'll never finish
    I know it my sound dum but how candidated fail psych portion? I know a lot 2013 applicants that fail the oral pysch


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      If a person can remember, can you list the question you know they ask.


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        Originally posted by ruindasia1 View Post
        haha yea psych exams one of the worst things ever invented. Good thought is hey ur halfway there when ur at question 450 something.

        passed one and failed one.left both with no idea on if i passed or failed.
        although i did leave knowing that evil spirits don't posses me and i don't hear voices. (once i saw those questions early on in the test i was like oh yea its on...w/questions like that you know they couldn't get much more entertaining)

        i want to meet the person that actually answered yes to those questions?
        If you think that question is funny you should see some of the questions they ask on the background packet. The funniest question I ever read in my life was on that packet... "Are you a terrorist or have you ever been a terrorist?". LOL.

        I think it is a serious question though but at the same time, I really dont think a single person has or would answer yes to that question. Unless of course they wanted to be disqualified as fast as they can....


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