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What can get you kicked out of the CPD Academy?


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  • What can get you kicked out of the CPD Academy?

    Not really kicked out, but what tasks must you successfully complete in order to complete the academy? I know you have to qualify with the pistol...I'm sure there are many written tests...any physical requirements besides POWER tests? And I know u can get booted for being just a crap bag recruit...

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    Besides staying on top of the books and PE, don't get in any type of crap off duty, especially when you get sworn/armed. Hardest is when you get in a Dist. and start going out after work with the boys. Stuff that may get them a day or 2 suspension will get you fired as you are a PPO. Oh, BTW a bad urine drop will get anyone of us separated , unless you were a Lt. in 007...


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      When I was in the academy we had a big shakedown because of the "study guides" that were floating around. Someone ratted about them and for three days straight we had locker and bag searches. Those that were found with them were fired. If you use them leave them at home and be careful who you give them to.


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        No more of those study guides goin around these days (I don't really understand why they need em as they are easily the simplest tests I've ever taken).

        Steer clear from unstable relationships. A bad one can end it all for a PPO.

        As far as tasks....

        3 Power tests
        State Firearm Qualification
        Written State Exam

        You need to successfully complete all of these to proceed to graduation.


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          Yea, the study guides were kind of a joke. Alot of them were outdated or had the wrong answers. They're good for practice though. Just don't rely on the alone for the above reasons.


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