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  • Cpd

    Does anyone have any idea how much the top out for CPD? Is it true that they work 6 days on 2 days off?

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    I'm NOT CPD, but I've been talking to alot more CPD guys and have a buddy in CPD Acad right now. MAN, my eyes are REALLY open now. Also, read the blog website I posted about earlier. To truly top out it takes I believe 30 years, so you more want the answer of where you will be at in 5-7 years. Well, right now CPD is without a contract so who knows what their pay will end up being. Yes, that is the sched, and the buddies I talk to said it SUCKS big time. Alot of the manpower is low for each district because alot of guys are getting detailed out to specialized units leaving the regular beat guys in ruins. Comp and personal days are getting canceled all the time. On my old PD I worked the "Chicago Key" schedule and it SUCKED ***. More and more I hear Chicago has broke *** equipment, low Distric manpower, canceled day off, etc. If you don't already know some CPD Officers, GET to know some so they can tell you their first hand experiences. Maybe my buddies are jaded and salty, BUT I work with 2 guys and have another buddy who WERE CPD and left to go Suburban...more money, no residency, better equipment, less BS, no Heir Daley, no Sharpton, Jackson, Meeks breathing down your neck.


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      6 on, 2 off...but when it comes time for your 2 off to be on a weekend, u get 3 off...


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        I believe you top out at 79k as a beat cop. I'm not sure how long it takes to get there. I do know that after 1 1/2 year you are at 58k. Schedule is 6 on 2 off with two 3 day weekends back to back every 4th and 5th week.


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          The pay schedule is in the contract, link below.


          Besides base pay you also get uniform allowance $1800/year and duty availiblity $2920/year.

          FIRST 12 MOS 43,104
          AFTER 12 MOS 55,728
          18 MOS 58,896
          30 MOS 61,932
          42 MOS 64,992
          54 MOS 68,262
          10 YRS 70,656
          15 YRS 73,116
          20 YRS 75,816
          25 YRS 78,006


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