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    I got word yesterday that I was hired and will be attending the corrections academy in DuPage on July 30th. I'm very happy about getting the job and am looking forward to getting started. Questions about the academy: what is the dress code (uniforms supplied? business casual? dress up?); are the food vouchers $10/day or $10/meal; what motel do you stay in; does the motel have a fitness center in it or do they give you access to someplace else that does; do you share a room with someone or do you room alone? I guess I'll find all this out later, but I'd rather have an idea about these things before I go. For example, I don't want to show up in something more than business casual clothing when I should have worn something specific that the academy requires (e.g., khaki's and a particular color of collared shirt).


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    Can't answer any of your questions but just wanted to say congratulations on getting the job!


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      Thanks...I'm very excited about it


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          Congrats. Also no help with your questions, sorry.


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            They will give you a hand out telling you what to wear, and all that good stuff. Usually you get it about 2-3 weeks before the academy, but you might not get it till the week before.

            As far as where you will be staying and all that... that’s dependent on what county that you work for.

            Uniforms are also based on your county, and you will only wear your county issued uniform about 3-4 times through out the entire academy. You will need to buy Navy blue sweat pants and a gray cotton shirt with your last name stenciled in black on it for PPCT, but you will ONLY need it for that week. Firearms you are allowed to wear pretty much anything as long as you have pants, closed toe shoes and a regular short sleeve shirt. I would recommend wearing BDU's, a short sleeve shirt, boots and a hat. If they are still using Kendall counties range it gets hot and it sucks doing pushups in the gravel if some one messes up. Other then that, its pretty much Business casual, you will probably be surprised by some of the stuff you see cadets wearing.

            I went to BCO PTI at Dupage, its NOTHING like a police academy; so don’t think that’s going to happen when you get there. You’ll probably have Sgt. Mondelli introduce you to the program and then hand you right off to Attorney Patrick Bond for your legal classes. PAY ATTENTION when he is talking he is a great teacher and will show you allot of what you need to know without making it boring as hell. Oh and be prepared to have your very first report RIPPED APART on the witness stand. He is good at it, made 2 people in my class cry.

            If there is anything else I can help you with PM me.

            And congrats btw. What county are you getting into?
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