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    I'm pretty sure the pti BCO course is pretty much the same throughout the state.......I'd just sit back and relax,wait and see what happens. More than likely you will be on the job for some time before you even get to the academy, so you still have some time to go yet.......

    Keep yourself in good shape for yourself,and get ready to take notes and do some studying for the state test........

    Good luck to you.
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      Originally posted by towanda View Post
      Is there any emphasis on PT in the academy in DuPage? Assuming I get in this round of hiring, I'd either be going to DuPage or Peoria or Sangamon.
      That’s a negative to all of them.

      I went through PTI BCO in Dupage and worked with a few officers who went through both Sangamon and Peoria, and all of them for the most part have no emphasis on PT. The ONLY correctional academy that I know of that really has any REAL PT is Cook County. They have the most extensive CO academy in the state.

      And as far as it being the same throughout the state, eehhhh, not completely. There are things you will do in different counties that you might not do or get in another.


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        I passed the psych test portion and am now awaiting the results of my medical, which is the final step. Assuming I get hired and make it to the academy, what do people wear once they are at the academy? Dress clothes?? Uniform?? Business casual??



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          my agency is accredidated basic corrections academy, like 585 hrs now i think, they run ya thru the ringer, just about the same exact academy
          the police go thru.. missing...law-3, driving, domestic violence, traffic, and
          other add on items.
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            Yeah, Illinois seems to be one of the MANY states that needs to start taking their corrections divisions as serious law enforcement entities. NY, NJ, CA and FL are awsome with their CO's, be it county or state. Besides Cook no county in illinois sends their CO's through extensive basic training like those states.

            Illinois BCO is 240 hours, 40 of which are for Mandatory fire arms training. Its a joke in my opinion, not NEARLY enough training. Some counties try to make up for it a little, but they are far and few in between. We are just knuckle dragging key turns to them.


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