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Be honest: Is it still worth it to pursue CPD?


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    I wouldn't exactly discourage him. It took me 3 attempts to get into shape and was able to go even further in fitness requirements. Anyhow, I ended up with Chicago PD for 3 years. I recently left in April 2021, and lateraled to another department in the suburbs.

    Physical fitness is achievable by anyone with willpower and time.... even with bad genetics. The power test is easily achievable as long as you aren't injured or have pre-existing injuries. I have to work out consistently to maintain my fitness. The hardest part for me was the running, and I could easily do a 10-11 minute 1.5mile if I trained for it properly.

    On the other hand, I'd suggest going into a federal government agency though. However, I would not recommend going to Chicago PD unless you want the training to go somewhere else.


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      Nothing is going to get better under Mayor Beetlejuice...


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        Look at the blue line.com and see many suburbs are hiring. If it turns out you don’t like this career or the agency, you can always leave.

        I would avoid having to go through a process that takes 2 years just to be in a lottery drawing. I was In the METRO Academy a few years back with many of my classmates being in the lottery draw. All of them scored in the top 1% of their departments testing, some fluent in a second language with degrees….yet at that time, they were only at the background phase for Chicago.
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          Cops "are disgusted with the spectrum of every profound decision made under stress being parsed and analyzed to death," a police source said. "And, yes, there is talk of standing back instead of risking their family’s future on an honest mistake of a moment."


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            This is such a great read! It sucks that police officers don't get the support from anyone including the higher ups. I am currently just waiting for my NTR for Chicago Police and I am excited yet confused.

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