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A Frustrated IL Cop


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  • A Frustrated IL Cop

    Figured I would start a new topic for those that feel the same way as I do. I'm a current PO for a suburb on the north side of Chicago. I've been on for just under two years--so yes, I am still very young..I am someone who had (still do) aspirations to be a very proactive cop and truly gain valuable experience, and move up the ranks some day. With the events that sparked so much anti-police rhetoric throughout the country, we all know just how unfairly this honorable profession has been targeted as of late. With the new police reform bill--and likely more additions of trailer bills to come, the group of cowards and clowns otherwise known as the Legislative Black Caucus have placed the final straw that broke the camel's back. I am frustrated beyond words can describe. This state will continue to push out the good citizens who have called Illinois home their entire lives, and I will be one of them...There is no hope and no future in this state. I have gone from itching to get back to work after my days off, to now I dread slapping on my vest at the start of every shift. I count the days until I can finally leave and work for a state that still supports its police, and it's the only thing that keeps me going at this point.

    To those that still seek employment in a law enforcement capacity in this state, good luck to you and God speed, I truly don't think you know what you're getting yourself into. I can't imagine what this state will be like in the years to come, and I am not sticking around to find out...

    Stay safe.
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    These scumbag legislators amended this 764 page bill at 3am and passed it an hour later at 4am on the last day of the lame duck session. Our Jelly belly Governor signed the bill no problem, in fact he waited a month to sign it so he could kick off his mini re election campaign with a huge televised press conference of the bill signing. What a swell guy. This bill was crafted with such a hate for the police that it really blows my mind that these imbeciles in office think it will make communities safer.

    Come July 1st we can no longer arrest with obstructing being the base charge. This is highly relevant to Terry stops as they are going to change completely, for the worse. As it is right now if someone is detained via Terry and they attempt to leave they can be charged with obstructing. After July 1st they will be able to freely leave detainment and cannot be charged with obstructing.

    Taser projectiles can no longer be deployed to the back. B & C misdemeanors will no longer be arrestable unless the suspect is putting someone specific in imminent threat of receiving harm. What gets me with this part is that force cannot be used to remove the suspect after a citation is issued. Say the suspect is trespassing, or acting disorderly, a citation is issued and they’re told to leave, but they can refuse, and by law no force can be used to remove them from the situation unless they’re putting someone specific in harm. The caller will still be left to deal with the situation because the suspect cannot be forcibly removed, it’s ludicrous.

    There is now a task force established that is attempting to start the process with reviewing and possibly removing qualified immunity. I’m not sure if this next one regarding force used for arrests made it to the larger amended bill that passed, but it was in the original prior to the 764 page amendment. It’s also going to get real hard to arrest people if they attempt to flee so let’s hope it’s not in this bill. If attempting to arrest a suspect and they resist and flee, NO force can be used to attempt to take them into custody, the suspects are to be “apprehend at a later date” unless they have a weapon or they have just physically harmed someone. Now, what’s going to happen if that is followed and the suspect is allowed to get away, and then kills an innocent person? Who’s going to be blamed? It’s not gonna be the POS politicians who made this bull**** they’re gonna blame who they always do. Then there’s the elimination of cash bail, I don’t even have to say anything about that it’s gonna be just one big revolving door. This whole bill takes power away from the police and benefits the criminals, the legislators claim this bill will make our communities safer, but clearly that’s a lie.

    Since this bill was so clearly rushed at the last minute a lot of the language throughout the bill is extremely vague and badly worded. The dirtbag legislators don’t even know how to answer questions pertaining to some of the statutes, it’s a joke and these are just a few of the things that scratch the surface right now. There are a few more bills that are popping up right now that are just as asinine as the big one which has these legislators thinking they are just the hottest **** right now. I literally laughed out loud at HB724 which has just been introduced by out great legislators. They’re attempting to give themselves full arrest powers, if this bill passes it will make them “conservators of peace” with full arrest powers.

    Conservators of peace
    “After receiving a certificate attesting to the successful completion of a training course administered by the Illinois law enforcement training standards board as required under section 10.5 of the Illinois police training act all members of the general assembly shall be conservatory of the peace those persons shall have power to arrest or caused to be arrested, with or without process all persons who break the peace or are found violating any municipal ordinance or any criminal law of the state.”
    WOW, we’ve got some real power hungry, scumbag legislators!

    Like you I’m just starting my career in law enforcement, and all this is extremely frustrating to say the least. Clearly there was no input from law enforcement in this bill, it aggravates me because these politicians are so ignorant with their heads up their asses that they have no clue the damage they’re doing with this bill. I’ve heard through the grapevine that there are going to be trailer bills which will attempt to fix a lot of things wrong with the big bill. Will that happen? I HOPE so, but only time will tell. I’m gonna wait for the dust to settle and hopefully things get better for us. One thing is for sure, we need to get rid of our POS Governor!
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      Jungle Law. Enjoy the state wide ghetto.


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        Just smile and wave.


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