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Future state of CPD


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  • Future state of CPD

    So apparently the city council of Minneapolis have full support to dismantle their police department. Since police reforms and defunding are being demanded from the public for CPD, is there any kind of possibility that this similar situation will happen over here? Currently employed at this department and wondering if my job security is currently at stake.

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      People are demanding defunding the police. Some people want to get rid of PD's. It's a joke. Crime will always be here, and it will get worst. A few days ago Chicago had 18 homicides in one night.
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        No. So what they do is "dismantle" a police department than make a new one. Look up Camden New Jersey Police Department and look up Camden COUNTY New Jersey Police Department. They are exactly the same thing in size and everything. Maybe more officers.
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      I don't think the Chicago police department will be eliminated.



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        It is my first day off in almost 2 weeks and fresh off of 12 hour shifts and my brain still can not comprehend the radio traffic and things that I have seen. It was said that if we had 4 times the police force that weekend that we still wouldn't be able to handle the amount of calls for service when this started ironically. (Note: We have the 2nd biggest police force in the US). I don't know where we go from here except pick up the pieces and just continue. Praying for all those POs senselessly injured and killed in this. Take care everyone and stay safe.


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          Oh I actually didn't see that article before posting about the amount of calls for service BNWS. I heard about it before.

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