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Carry Concealed Weapons Permits for Civilians


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  • Carry Concealed Weapons Permits for Civilians

    I was just wondering how some of you would feel if HB1304 passed subsequently putting firearms in the hands of civilians. Personally I feel that it would be a great idea. If you think about it you arent putting the guns in the hands of bad guys you are putting them in the hands of good guys. If a bad guy wants a gun bad enough he can have one anywhere anytime (ilegally). The nice thing about CCW's in the hands of civilians is it gives them a chance to defend themselves, and others. Also it makes criminals think twice before snatching an old lady's purse (especially if she's got a 357 magnum stached in there). Which would in turn bring down crime rates. Well anywho I would greatly appreciate any feedback that y'all have to offer.
    David M. Dennis
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    I dont think it will pass. I am not a cop but I like the idea. Either way the anti-gunner's are working overtime to screw gunowners. The 10 round magazine limit may pass and we will be restricted to 10 round magazines.


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      People who are against keeping civilians armed simply have not done their homework. Whenever someone is shot in Chicago, you have high-profile people demanding tougher gun laws. That is a ridiculous request since, as you said they are buying these guns illegally. I could go on and on but here is a great book by a University of Chicago professor:


      Using the logic of the anti-gun people, automobiles are much more evil and should be illegal. That being said, I do believe strict restrictions and licensing procedures. (Much like we do with cars.)


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        Link to Bill

        There is currently a bill in the legislature about concealed carry permits for citizens. Unfortunately it was sent back to the rules committee again.


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          you know its funny i was just talking about this with another LEO friend of mine, i hope it passes!!! everytime someone is shot in the city the powers that be push for tougher laws, and it ****es me off every time! what we need is judges that enforce the laws we have... and if just one armed citizen can save the life of one of societies sheep then it will be worth it.
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            The concealed carry bills come up every session in the IL legislature, and they usually never even make it out of committee. It's unfortunate that the politicians want to keep the citizens of this state at risk for greater harm.
            Looks like someone took their stupid pills today.


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              There is always the offchance that it will pass. However your probably right in that it will not pass. Why dont more police unions and organizations get behind these bills?


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