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Illinois Attorney General Office -- Special Investigator, Investigations Division


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  • Illinois Attorney General Office -- Special Investigator, Investigations Division

    Hi all,

    I saw this position posted... wanted to get any insight into this job/agency? Are they armed/certified state police officers? I know the posting says make arrests, interrogate suspects, process evidence etc which seems like it would be, but the posting does not mention any police academy and/or firearm requirements aside from needing to be able to obtain LEADS.


    Has anyone worked with these guys before? Are they open to applicants with CJ education but no LE experience, or do they only hire from past LE's? I recently applied, and they sent me a letter notifying me they are evaluating my submission and will get back to me if they want to schedule an interview.

    Any info would be appreciated.
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    I've worked with a lot of them quite a bit over the years. Their deputy chief (retired) is a very good friend.
    There aren't very many of them. They are considered LEOs with the full certification. Most of their work involves IL AG cases, serving papers, and such work. Everyone I've worked with is either heavily politically connected and/or former LE. People like the son of the senior senator. A few have been duds. Others have been pretty good cops. No different than any agency with good and bad.
    The IL Ag does not get involved in run of the mill street crime unless asked to come in by a state's attorney.
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      Good info. The job posting said standard 9-5 work is expected. Any idea if they have good resources for being such a small agency? Take home cars? I saw a report somewhere that there were less than 20 agents for the whole agency.

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    Generally 9-5 Monday thru Friday. That's when the IL AG's office and other state agencies are open. We did work some cases with them on the weekends and evenings but that was rare.
    I have been retired almost 14 years so I haven't kept up on their situation.
    I don't know what their pay level is now.
    They were, and I am guessing still are, in the alternate retirement system like ISP which is better than the standard state employee retirement.
    They did have take home cars but not for personal off duty use.
    As far as resources they were like every state agency. They didn't have everything they wanted but they managed OK.
    20 investigators would be about right. Some in Chicago and some in Springfield.
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      Opinion needed....

      I emailed my application to the ILAG HR office regarding the Criminal Investigator position open on 7/22. I also sent them my resume as a hard copy in the mail to be safe.

      On 7/30, I got an email from the HR Department's Executive Secretary with an attached letter that thanked me for applying, and said they are currently reviewing my credentials. Once they review the candidates, they will determine if I am the most qualified and contact me to setup an interview.

      I realize I'm only a week away from when that letter was sent... but when is it appropriate for me to follow up?

      I'm really wanting this job... doing my best to try and stand out. I know in the federal process following up in shorter timelines is useless... but this is state... and from my understanding, a small office, so I'm not sure what is the right move.



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