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    Originally posted by 80tiny View Post
    When I went through, it wasnt orientation it was TABE testing day. It started at 8 and ended at 7pm. We took some behavior tests in the morning, and then had drug testing in the afternoon with uniform fitting(cadet uniform) and then a presentation by our fitness instructor and TAC presentation from Tpr. Tanner who is still doing Tac as of now. I assume orientation is the kinfler gentler academy way of welcoming you and it may not take as long. The medicals and vision take a couple hrs of waiting and 30 min of testing. I believe your class will start June 23rd or sometime around there correct? The list of items to bring to the academy will be given to you on orientation day I presume. Bring what they say but be prepared to get more supplies your first weekend home. They only tell you half of what you really need. Pack light for check-in day. Youll carry your luggage for a couple hrs in the parking lot and gym. And make sure to get in shape before going or they will dog you in pt and in drill. Get used to running 4-6 miles evry other day before going. They will start with 2 mile runes 3 days a week and work up to the 6 mile loop twice a week. Wouldnt hurt to work on push-ups and front leaning rests(hold in up position of push-up). Expect to be in this position quite frequently and for 5 minutes or more without a break. Dont want to be the one that cant hold theirselves up. In summary, expect everything, say nothing, do as told and youll be fine through it all. Best job in world and you'll never regret it.

    Great post! Thank you! I'm running about 3 miles right now. I'll start increasing that next week to 4 miles and up to 6 two weeks or so before we start. Push ups are my worst event so I'm working on those. I hated them in the Army and I hate them now. I'll just do what they say to do and suck it up. Blend in...blend in..

    We start on the 24, Sunday. Actually my birthday. I wont be saying that there though...no special attention or treatment wanted!

    I also spoke to the academy per a suggestion and found them all to be very nice people. I was forwarded to the Academy Commander's secretary who asked the Commander. Thankfully, they'll make sure I make my flight. Ordinarily I wouldn't remotely consider asking what time we get out but I have some very extenuating circumstances. I'm a very much...make no waves guy, especially in an academy setting.

    As for my medical, it's the day before and my vision is the day of. Being from the east coast, they tried to make it as close as they could together and I really appriecated that. And at their own doing too! I never said a thing

    I'm excited and nervous but I keep hearing so many positive things that I just can't wait!!!


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      Originally posted by jamies View Post
      Thanks for the information.
      What is the proper dress for orientation?
      Wear a suit for everything you do, interviews, orientation, check-in day. They will tell you to have two suits for check in day but dont go buy another, its a waste. You only need one. You will wear a suit when you enter the academy and when you leave, every week for 26 weeks.


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        Has anyone heard when the final letters are going out for CC 115?


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          Soon I hope or I wont be able to take the job. I can't go without a paycheck at all. I sold one house and have another to go. At any rate, the two mortgages (I owned three houses with no one living in them) are too much for just my spouse to work.

          Plus...my current chief has been outstanding and I wont ask them to wait forever, I'm not that kind of guy. I understand the ISP is stuck with the governor deciding who, what and when and I should make some sacrifices but I can't loose the farm when I'm not sure I have a job in the first place. They said that they don't know how many slots they will have when/if they are approved. So...72 of us are stuck...

          Even worse...I'm quite a few states away. Which makes it a little tougher time wise.


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