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Which location for easiest POWER card?


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  • Which location for easiest POWER card?

    Asking for a friend. I've read that NIPSTA is a bit more lax'd on some parts of the test.

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    I've gotten POWER Test Cards from NIPSTA, Trition and JJC in the past and I don't know about "lax'd" but the indoor run at JJC sucks! I was basically doing laps around cones in the interior hallway (which was carpeted btw). Then again most indoor POWER Tests suck so nothing against JJC but that was one of my worst experiences because I did it when I was sick and got home and literally threw up lol. The indoor thing is a seasonal issue. We do POWER Tests in 15 degrees and snow on the ground outside. The Polar Vortex and a confirmed tornado on the ground and in view is probably the only exceptions to that lol.

    Some places will let you finish the process to gauge where you're at if you fail but I've never had that problem. I push through. I self motivate. I say to myself..."I've never failed a power test and not about to today" haha. Anyway this is not a field for EASY or shortcuts guys remember that. Also my department for example when you do the Final POWER Test it's on site and by department standards so if you want to practice it on site you can and its FREE. There are opportunities to do that as a candidate in the process. That is the advantage of going that route. You will also need to pass that POWER Tests 3 more times in the academy. Hope this helps.


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      I wouldn’t say more relaxed, but more flexible in relation to Triton. Triton was the most strict but also gave you an experience closest to the real thing.
      - if you fail a test at Triton, you’re done. No practicing on the other tests. Adds a little fear and stress
      - NIPSTA tells you how the sit-ups should be done but will pass you if your form isn’t 100%
      - NIPSTA lets you do all tests to see how it goes or where you are
      - I’ve only done the 22 laps inside on a padded track at Triton during the winter. NIPSTA has an outdoor lot during the summer

      Go where and when it’s convienent for you. Triton usually has more test dates than NIPSTA. CPD mentioned JJC is the easiest and therefore have the highest amount of FPT fails compared to the other two. Coincidence?

      My personal opinion/want is if I ever get hired at an agency is to not be partnered up with someone who wanted to take the easiest route just to get by, especially when it comes to fitness. :hops off soapbox:
      DHS CBP Officer 19-4
      NOR Written: 2/11/19 - Pass
      NOR Fitness Test: 4/2/19 - Pass
      NOR Interview: 4/10/19 - Pass
      NOR Medical: 2/26/19 - Pass

      CPD 2017 #5xxx
      IPT: 11/11/17
      PHQ submitted :11/22/17
      Kentech PHQ submitted: 12/12/17
      Home Interview: 12/17/17
      Case Manager assigned: 12/22/17
      Polygraph: 01/18/18
      Kentech to CPD: 1/22/18
      CPD 12-2017 #4xxx
      IPT: 03/17/18
      Processing: 03/24/18
      PHQ submitted: 03/30/18
      CPD 05-2018 #2xx
      IPT: 07/14/18
      Processing: 07/21/18


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        Power test is a power test... same standards just a different back drop. If you are used to running inside, but they tell you at the academy that they are running outside, you going to say “yeah, but the inside run is the easiest so I’m doing it this way!” Should be able to do indoor, outdoor, machine bench, free weight bench, etc all the same.

        Nipsta runs are a pain though. Specially during the spring / summer when it’s outdoor on a large, concrete space. Wind hits you from all directions, it’s wide open and it’s concrete so you don’t get that benefit of the rubber / track setting.


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          Originally posted by Raiden341 View Post
          Nipsta runs are a pain though. Specially during the spring / summer when it’s outdoor on a large, concrete space. Wind hits you from all directions, it’s wide open and it’s concrete so you don’t get that benefit of the rubber / track setting.

          NIPSTA is a fine place to do the test but the outdoor run is on their defensive driving area. Which is concrete, sometimes uneven, and covered in gravel. You'll do 9 laps since they can't get the full 1/4 mile and they section off the running area with cones.

          Otherwise, bench was with a machine when I was there, sit-ups are done in pairs and the sit and reach is the sit and reach.

          POWER test is a POWER test; go wherever is closest to home.


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            Oh yeah I forgot about the winds in that open field in Glenview especially around spring time that's a real factor. When I started testing NIPSTA was the ONLY place you could get a POWER Test card and it was a new concept. You guys are lucky we had to do a separate POWER Test for every PD we applied to and it would be some random high school gym or track in that city or suburb so you went in blindly and we took it literally right before or after the written test for that particular PD. I agree it shouldn't matter where you do it. You should be ready when you go take it. No excuses! btw I had to drive 50 miles to take it at NIPSTA!


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              There's no easy way out. There's no shortcut home.


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