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    Anyone know about the department and how the testing process goes?

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    Never tested with Spfld PD nor ever involved with their hiring process so can't help you with that. The only role I've played is being a reference for some of the guys who were eventually hired.
    However, I worked very closely with them for 25 yrs while with the state police and fairly close for 10 yrs prior to that. They're a top notch agency. My opinion but their current COP is the finest COP they've had since I've worked with them but I don't know how much longer he's planning on sticking around as he just reached retirement age. He's got an excellent command staff. I'm good friends with the COP and many of his staff and officers. As with any agency they've got some outstanding officers and then they also have the few who couldn't find a crook in prison. Generally they've got good cops and train them well.
    If you aren't familiar with Springfield then a word of caution. It's a very political town, extremely so. If you aren't from Springfield it will take you a couple of years to learn who is who, just how everyone is related, who has the clout, who just think they have the clout, and who the real players are in the city. That can be a pretty tough learning experience if a person isn't sharp enough to pay attention to what's really going on in town.
    If you're thinking about applying then do so. They are a very good agency.
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