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  • Sit-Ups

    Since you all seem to know so much about sit-ups, I was wondering if there was any machine at the gym you recommend I use to get better at them. I know the sit-ups they make you do for the POWER test are unlike anything you would ever do in real life, so I turn to you for guidance. Thanks!

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    There are several machines at every gym that focus on your abs....anyone is good...also stengthen your thighs....Best way to get better at sit ups, is to do situps...you will be amazed that doing sit ups 4 days a week, you will get so much better at them in no time...if you get bored with that, try leg lifts, crunches, ect...all will help with your sit ups.


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      Best thing I found for CPD sit ups is to stick your feet under the couch, and do 3 sets of bent leg sit ups (hands behind your head) 3 times a week. Also use power crunch machine and side crunch/back extension post for extra help.


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        I kind of follow the POWER test routine when working out. In addition to strength training I do the following Mon-Fri. (weekends off)!

        Feet under something, as many sit up as I can do in 1 minute.
        - as was stated do this for just one week and you will see your number go up quite quickly.

        After a two to three minute rest I do as many "GOOD" push ups as I can in 1 minute.

        After a 5 minute rest and stretch I run 2 miles.

        You might think this is a lot of time, but I usually complete all three from start to finish in about 30 minutes, including cool down time.

        Just doing this will help you a lot, more than you might think!


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          My suggestion would be to do situps on a decline board so they're much easier when you're level.


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            Or you can just do them the good fashioned way that they do every weekday morning at PTI. That is laying on the floor with bent knees and no support on your feet. We would do about 40 of them. Then we would do 40 cross overs on each side. It seemed to work as after 12 weeks everyone improved on the situp part of the power test.
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              thanks for all your suggestions. i'm going to the gym tonight to put some of them to use. the sit-ups are definitely my weakest part of the power test, and especially being a girl, i don't want that to bring me down once i get into the academy.


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                Just remember this as well, a minute is actually a long time to knock off 37 or especially 34 (good to be over 30!)...if you avg 10 sit ups every 15 seconds, thats 40 in a minute....don't waste all your strength trying to get 40 in 30 seconds, get in a groove and exhale every time you come up...people tend to hold their breath and it causes greater strain on their abs...breathe!


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