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    I am still in the application process for CPD and so to pass some of the time I was wondering what the CPD uses for equipment. What type and brand of Body Armor is the most commonly used? I read in previous posts that you can use a Beretta, S&W, or Sig. What are the approved models for these firearm companies? I am curious about what other types of tools are used in the field, like computers and radios in the cars? Do you wear boots or shoes? What about less-than-lethal weapons, tazers and such?

    I know its alot of questions, but I feel like a kid about to go to Great America or something... I just hope I can wait though the application before my head explodes from anticipation!

    Anyhoo, thanks for any responses received!

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    Approved Firearms
    Beretta - Cougar 8000D, 92D Series
    Ruger - P-89 DAO, P-89M/P-93 DAO, P-89P / P-95 DAO
    Sig - P225, 239, 228, 226, 229 DAO
    SW - Model 3953, 3954, 5943, 5944, 5946, 6944, 6946


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      Originally posted by Chicago_mwk
      I am curious about what other types of tools are used in the field, like computers and radios in the cars?
      Radios are Motorola XTS5000's portables. There aren't radios mounted in regular squadcars.

      I'm curious how international applicants are handled. Surely you don't travel back and forth for every step of the way?


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        Thanks alot for the info!

        Unfortuantely I do travel back and forth for each piece of the process. It will be difficult and expensive, but worth it. But I'm not really "international"; I am a US citizen but I'm military and stationed in the UK. I guess I could have waited until I get out to apply, but the process takes so long I figured it would be best to limit my unemployed or working a job I don't want time.

        I heard that there is a way to squish a couple pieces together though. Like all of the interviews in one weekend or something like that. I was a Aug/Sept 06 tester so, I'll have to look into that when I come back to Chicago for the POWER Test.

        Hardest part about the whole thing was the time change...
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          How about ribbons and medals? I'm not able to find any information on what they are for or how to earn them. Is there a special ribbon to earn during the Academy, like a best in class/distinguished graduate award? Are the ribbons worn every day or is it a special time type thing?

          Thanks again


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