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Polygraph / Ogden Location?


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  • Polygraph / Ogden Location?

    Hello everyone!

    I have my poly scheduled (Chicago Police) in two weeks. The location I was given is on Ogden ave.

    Was just wondering If anyone can give me insight on this location, type of questions, etc.?

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    Don’t talk about any incidents where you let a dog lick peanut butter off of your junk. Tell the truth, and wear warm clothing.

    Thats’ all.
    Getting shot hurts! Don't under estimate the power of live ammo. A .22LR can kill you! I personally feel that it's best to avoid being shot by any caliber. Your vest may stop the bullet, but you'll still get a nice bruise or other injury to remember the experience.


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      When I got scheduled for my polygraph it was at 8:30 AM. They wouldn't let us in until exactly 8:30 AM. So, in other words don't be late. If you plan to be extremely early make sure you have a place to spend your time waiting. There's a dunkin donuts/gas station near by. If you are lucky and have a later appointment there's a lunch joint on the corner that might be open. Anyhow, once they let you in they'll bring you down an elevator. You'll notice there will be probably around 4-5 candidates scheduled for the same appointment. Each candidate has a different person doing the polygraph. The CPD polygraph unit will then make you fill out a pre-polygraph packet with almost every crime. They will be observing everything you do.

      Best advice, don't sweat it. It's all mind games from the moment you get there to the moment you are back outside. Also, don't admit to anything that contradicts your personal questionnaires. Obviously, everyone speeds and makes minor mistakes. So don't be stubborn and deny common mistakes. They'll try to make you feel guilty for minor mistakes too, and make you feel like you are withholding information. They do this to get admissions out of you. It's a professional polygraph unit messing with typically teenagers who haven't ever been interrogated/polygraphed. So, as you can imagine they are having fun.
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      • rr743
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        I honestly appreciate you taking the time in responding to me. This post really cleared things up. Thanks!

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      Fatal hit it on the head.

      Get sleep before the night before because staring at a blank wall made me sleepy.

      Eat something before.

      Be be honest and be prepared to remember stuff you may have forgotten about 5, 10, 15 years ago.
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      • rr743
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        I see you have submitted you Kentech PHQ and had home interview way before poly appointment. I havent had my home interview yet nor Kentech PHQ and im already heading for poly. Any info as to why they skipped a whole 2 steps?

      • NGUChris
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        Which test is this cycle for? That’s my timeline for April 2017’s test, not Dec 2017.

        Some forum members skipped Kentech altogether. Some have a poly first, then the home interview, others vice-versa. No one knows the reasons, but I speculate it’s to prevent bottlenecks in certain steps.

      • rr743
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        This is for the April 2017 exam.

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