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August Written Test Takers - Update


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  • August Written Test Takers - Update

    I have received my results of the written and have yet to hear anything back on the power test. I am concerned because in order to get my written test date; I was NOT notified by mail and had to CALL the recruitment offices.

    I don't want to miss my power test notification. I am concerned that this, too, may not arrive via the mail.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

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    NOV06 Tester

    I am NOV tester so not really sure if I would be of good help, but I did get private messages from FEB testers that it could be anywhere from Fall of 2007 to winter of 2007 for POWER Test. It looks like the PSY and MED results have backed up the process...
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      August 2006 Tester

      LL1980: Let me first tell you that I am a June 2006 tester. I have not heard to report for the power test either. However, the reason you or I have not heard is because we have a little bit of time to wait. I have a close personal friend who's best friend is the recruiting Sgt. for Chicago. He contacted him with me on the phone with him and he stated that they will get to the June 2006 testers for the power test from anywhere between August-October 2007. Although I do not know for sure when they are planning to get to August tester and beyond, it will most likely be at the end of 2007 at the earliest. Sorry to disappoint. But sit tight and be patient. When your time comes and you finally get in, it will be all worth it. Good Luck


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        The best advice I can give, other than to have patience, is to check these forums often. When letters get mailed out, there will be a flurry of posts and reply activity.

        -Feb tester..still hasn't had the medical


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          Broland said it best, just keeping checking this site, you will see 100 post when people get notification of the power test, if you didnt get something in the mail, then call the recruiting people. Just be prepared to wait guy and gals. Even after you take the POWER you got a year plus worth of testing/waiting after that. 3300 qualified the Feb test. I heard around 1200 are left, even if 300 more drop off, thats 900....that 9 months worth of academys IF they send 100 a month, which is doubtful. Good thing is the the total for June/Aug/Nov is probably right around the total for Feb, so your process should go quicker. I took the test in Feb....by april I stopped waiting by the mailbox....by June I figured I failed....by Aug I forgot I even took the test....then in Oct I get notice I passed, then I got notice for the POWER 3 weeks later...now 6 months later I am waiting for my offical psych results and my final power test...
          Just sit back and relax, stay in shape, stay out of trouble, dont quit your day job just yet. You got the POWER, the drug and background, the written and oral psych, the medical, the home interview, and then the Final POWER....its a lot of stress and waiting....this is a GREAT site to get peoples stories and get information, but there is a lot of "I thinks" and not many "I knows".


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            Thanks for the encouragement. I'm okay with waiting - it's worth it to me.


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