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  • Chicago Police Academy

    I figured I would start a post for just questions / answers and general topics about the Chicago Police Academy which would be separate from the testing process.

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    In regards to parking at the academy.


    If you are running late there is a parking garage at 1640 W Jackson (just west of Ashland) prices are $5 to 10 a day if you get there before 0800hrs


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      Also, buy a cheap suit for you're first week.

      YOU WILL be working out in it.
      Also wear rubber sole shoes with laces that you can run in. No flats ladies, you'll be running out of them!

      If you don't have any just go and buy the academy shoes now and wear 'em with your suit.

      Here's what everyone buys; (available at all the uniform stores for about $60.00)



      • Fatal
        Fatal commented
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        Thank you for the advice and information. So these are the shoes most recruits buy for the uniform? If so, i'll definitely buy them since i'll need them.

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      Here was a former post I believe got cut off:

      Just so everyone knows, you need PLAIN white gym shoes which are separate from your work out shoes.
      I know some guys found PLAIN cheap white gym shoes on eBay.
      They have to be PLAIN with no design or logo on them BETTER LOOK NOW.

      Basically alot of the stuff can be bought at J&G Uniforms on the 5900 Block of W Irving Park if you are a North-Sider.
      After the first few days in the academy you can call them and they are willing to stay open until 6 P.M. for recruits to get down there after the academy.

      The FIRST package you need will basically be all the gym gear. (T-Shirt, Sweatshirt, Sweatpants, BDU Coveralls, Red Boxing style headgear that you will not even friggen' use etc.. )
      Wash the hell out of the BDUs because they are made of very stiff material.

      The NEXT package includes Long Sleeve Blue shirt (patches sewn on at end of 26 weeks)
      Navy Blue - NON CARGO pants (that you will NOT wear again after academy) , Clip-on tie, Uniform dress shoes and a number of other things. BOTH of those packages will run you around $1000.

      Like I say, you will be smart just to buy ONE of everything as long as you have access to a washing machine at night. Because you will NEVER use this junk again other than the blue uniform shirts so buy 2 of those.
      You are NOT really getting some great deal that the uniform store guys will tell you.
      In the end if you buy the "package" you'll just end up with a bunch of junk in your basement that you will never use again.

      Within 3 weeks they will want you to purchase your Gun belt leather goods which you could also buy at J&G.
      You will have to buy your 9mm; either a Glock, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Arms or the SIG Sauer.
      95% of recruits buythe Glock because that what the range guys really want you to get because it's easier teaching the class how to use the same gun. (or because they're getting kickbacks from the Glock distributor. It is Chicago after all ! )
      The guns can be ordered at the academy and tell will then ship them to the range.
      Most believe the full size Glock 17 is the best choice because of the 2 additional rounds.
      A Glock 43 can be purchased later for off duty and a back up weapon.

      Glock 17 website info:

      Nice video on the ever popular Glock 43.. they are selling like hotcakes to coppers !!

      Towards the end of the academy you will have to buy the Riot Helmet on a website.. It runs around $300 unless you know a retired or active guy that will give you his.

      Then you will have to buy your wool dress blues; Summer/Spring dress blouse and Winter dress reefer along with wool pants run close to $800. Once again if you have friends...

      Remember an interest free credit card is the way to go if you don't have the cash.


      • LouieTheThird
        LouieTheThird commented
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        for those first two packages, is that $1000 for both or each?

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      Great thread idea.
      "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13


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        Can you use a gun you already own? Or do you have to purchase a new duty gun? Out of the choices I think I'd go with Sig. I don't think the P226 is on the approved list anymore. I think the striker fired P320 is. I can't stand Glocks, but my wife's full size M&P and Shield are both nice as well.


        • GoZombie
          GoZombie commented
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          Yes, you may use a weapon you already own, as long as it's on the Department's approved list, and it passes inspection from the Range.
          Search: "Department Approved Semiautomatic Pistols" for the official Uniform Order.

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        For the complete list look up "Uniform and Property U04-02-01" at the link GoZombie provided above. It's dated June 02, 2017

        Don't forget to register all your weapons, you know because we the police have to but citizens don't have to anymore! Ha!
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          Here is the LATEST order on department weapons.

          Go to page 3 and 4 to see what is approved now for recruits coming on.

          If you a big fan of Sig Sauers the NEW striker fire pistols are now approved.

          click on the order:


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            Sig Sauers website for the new guns.. they look cool and are more expensive than the Glocks.

            However they have a 6.5 pound trigger and the Glock still has a lighter 5.5 pound trigger.


            For the guys just starting the academy "gun day" will probably be in the 2nd week.
            Most of the representatives will come out and show you samples of the guns.

            I'd say if you a novice or new to shooting you can't beat a Glock. (And I have been a lifelong Smith & Wesson fan)
            All you have to do then is fill out the order form at the academy, give them a credit card number and they order the weapons from Kiesler Police supply.
            The guns are then all shipped to the academy range in about 2 weeks.

            Here is Kiesler website:


            If you buy a Glock, you must purchase either the Glock 17 (full size 18 round total capacity) or the Glock 19 (compact 16 round total)
            Unless you are a very short person where the 1 inch longer barrel may be uncomfortable while sitting; just go with the FULL SIZE Glock 17.
            t's basically the same size as the compact Glock 19 only the 17 has a longer barrel and a slightly longer grip to hold the 2 additional rounds.

            Then, the last 6 weeks of the academy many guys purchase their off-duty/back-up weapons.
            They either purchase the sub-compact Glock 26 or the newer Glock 43 which is really thin and comfortable.

            DeSantis holster copy makes a really nice ankle holster to wear while on-duty as a backup weapon.



            • itendtopretend
              itendtopretend commented
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              @CPD-Retired-On-Duty My comment is a year later than your original post, but if you happen to see this -- how do you define "very short person"? I'm 5'5" (if I stand up really straight) -- do you think a Glock 17 would be workable for someone of my modest height??

              And thank you so much for all your posts on this forum -- I've been reading them forever and they've been so helpful for a newb like myself just going into the academy.

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            All great advice for the new recruits, ROD..The only thing I'm throwing my 2 cents in on is use of an ankle holster for Patrol. I've seen more than a few guns come out of them during foot chases on the street. Nothing like seeing your piece skidding across the street and under a parked car. A pouch on the inside of your vest cover is a better option IMHO. But I am an ABSOLUTE advocate of carrying a back up gun. Hopefully you never need it, but if you do, your life depends on it.

            Ret on Duty, are they still! making them all buy 9mm just for the Academy?


            • Raiden341
              Raiden341 commented
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              Yes, it's 9mm only. I have a friend who is in right now.

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            The newer ankle holsters from DeSantis and Galco have really come a LONG way.
            It would be hard to lose the gun.
            I remember guys years ago losing their snub nose J-frames while running.

            However J&G does great work on vest covers, I'm sure they could sew in a pocket for a weapon however when the PPO buys the outer vest cover it HAS to be made to exact specifications for inspection on the 2nd to last week in the academy.
            Once the PPOs are out of the academy you can get away with sewing in various pockets on the vest cover.

            As far as caliber; Only 9mm is allowed. It has something to do with "CALEA" accreditation.


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              If you are already a cop in the burbs do you have to retake the state test at the end of the academy?


              • ChiTownDet
                ChiTownDet commented
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                No. I took the test while in the Metro Class, 2nd class to take the State Cert Test. When I got on Chicago 2 yrs later, didn't have to take it. Got a "free day." Once Certified, you're certified.
                Last edited by ChiTownDet; 07-20-2017, 03:32 PM.

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              Did you all hear they are going to tear down the academy and rebuild it in the West Side? Somewhere by Chicago and Kostner area. Same for the Fire academy. About 2 years or so. Sad.
              "I'm not mad, I'm proud of you. You took your first pinch like a man and you learn two great things in your life. Look at me, never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut." - Jimmy Conway


              • ChiTownDet
                ChiTownDet commented
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                Yes, by the City incinerator and garbage sorting plant on Kilbourn, just south of Chicago Av. Right near no expressways and making it a PITA for anyone to get to, except someone living in 011 or 015.

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              Originally posted by CPD-Retired-On-Duty View Post
              The newer ankle holsters from DeSantis and Galco have really come a LONG way.
              It would be hard to lose the gun.
              I remember guys years ago losing their snub nose J-frames while running.
              Way back, in my young, tac days, I actually had my Mod.60 come out while running AND kicked it right across Indiana Av, under a car FOR THE GOAL!


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                The new police/fire training academy LOOKS great however it is right next to a city garbage plant facility and the smell is god awful in the summertime.

                ALSO, the area itself was a dumping ground going back to the late 1800's.
                The EPA should conduct proper tests on the area before construction begins.

                Hopefully everyone gets hired before this future disaster site opens.


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