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    So Im working on getting myself to the standards to pass this. I can run a mile in 20, do 20 sit ups in a minute and the sit and reach is my worst. What can I do to train? I cant join a gym due to a really screwed up work scheduled

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    A mile in 20 min? How old are you? You need to run 1.5 miles!


    • Jenny_cop
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      yea Im a bit out of shape, working on that! I'm 33. I figure a few more weeks and Ill have the 1.5 run down to under 15.

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    For your age group, and assuming you're female - 16:52 or less to pass the 1.5 mile run. Sit-ups is 24 within 1 minute.

    I was never a runner but I would slowly increase the distance while maintaining the pace on a treadmill. Another effective way I found was interval training - sprinting for a block or two, slowing down to a jog for a couple blocks, sprinting for another block or two, rinse and repeat over the course of 1.5 miles. This will add to your endurance and speed. Rest a day, then try running as far as you can at a moderate pace.

    It took me about 4 weeks to go from running a maximum 0.5 miles, to 1.5 in 12 minutes. I'm 29 so I'm still in the age bracket where I have to keep up with 20 year olds.

    Stretching before and after a run, heck even daily, will increase your sit and reach.

    Bench press might be more difficult since you don't have access to a gym.

    I would try testing at NIPSTA when you can nail 2 or 3 of the tests. They'll let you go through all 4 even if you fail at one test so you can see how you perform. If you end up passing all 4 though, you'll get a POWER card which you can show at the IPT. They also have a bench press machine (pin weight).

    Triton is more strict (with sit-ups), uses a free weight bench, and if you fail, you can't proceed further.
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    • Jenny_cop
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      thanks for the advice. I dont live in Chicago yet, so any testing means a road trip. I walk a mile a day at a good clip already, gonna start jogging all of it on the way home from work. Actually asked a friend about buying his weight bench today. Who knew, my living rooms slowly turning into a gym lol
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    There's a lot of gyms that are open 24/7. But I was able to train for the test at home. You just have to keep working at it every day. One day run, next day do the sit ups and stretches for the sit and reach. Pushes will help you prepare for the beach press.

    I was was able to pass the test 7 months after having a baby. I am in no sense a good runner but I just had my 3rd child 2 months ago and I can run a mile in about 14 mins.....not great but not awful for just having a baby via c-section! You can do it, just have to work at it.

    Find a workout buddy who can motivate you! Good luck
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      Last run I did was 1.5 mi in 16:00... prior to that 1.5 in 12:00... the 16:00 I wasn't trying
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        Make sure to eat healthy, too, as your diet plays an important role in getting in shape. Also, drink lots of water--about 1 gallon per day. Lastly, stretch, stretch, and stretch.
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        • Jenny_cop
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          I gave up soda, am doing about 100 oz of water a day, and doing organic healthy smooties everyday.

        • GoZombie
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          Good. Keep it up, and you'll do just fine. Just train and keep working hard.

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        I passed yesterday and had ACL surgery 5 months ago. I haven't ran in 6 months. This was truley a test for me and I fought through it.


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