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Took the CPD test, what are my chances?


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  • Took the CPD test, what are my chances?

    I took it back on November 5th. It's too soon to expect any test results from the timelines I've been reading. Stupid me now knows that I should've applied in 2004 or last February before I graduated from college.

    A little history about myself:

    27 years old.

    BA's in Criminal Justice and Psychology from UIC.

    3+ years of work experience in private investigations & security.

    6 years martial arts experience.

    Basic pistol instructor credentials from the NRA.

    Native Cantonese speaker.

    The reason why I applied for CPD is because I would love to work in the city. As a PI, I work in the city quite frequently and I love it. I've worked anywhere from the Gold Coast, to Chinatown, to Marquette Park. I love the large size and the diversity of the city. I also believe that I could be a great asset to the Chinese community as a native Cantonese speaker.

    I can easily pass the power test. I can cover the 1.5 mile run in 12 minutes without that much training but I expect to lower that time with some training. I can do the situps and bench press easily.

    Why do I want to leave the PI field? Honestly, it's quite boring. Sitting in my car by myself for anywhere from 2-14 hours isn't my idea of fun. I don't get to interact with many people as I work by myself most of the time. And it's not very steady. I could work 80 hours one week and then 10 the next. Plus, I don't think I'm using my education to it's full extent as a PI. My buddy works for CPD and absolutely loves it. I think I'll love it too.

    So what are my chances of getting onto CPD?

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    I'd say your chances are great! The challenge will be to wait it out. There's a few thousand in line in front of you.

    The thing about Chicago, and it can be good or bad, depending on your perspective, is that the playing field is awfully level. Your languages and degrees and experience don't put you in any better position than the 'walk on' who applies on a whim with juuust enough credits and is working in a restaurant.

    The upside is that the cmdr's worthless nephew or sanitaion supervisor's golf partner's halfwit son are supposed to be in a similar position. As you pass the various phases and progress, you can count on other people failing and not showing up. Time is on your side. Apply, work your job and see what happens.


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      Anyone else care to comment?

      PM's are welcome as well.


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        Most of those things won't help you get on, or even help you in the academy (although with the PI exp. if you know the Illinois Criminal Code, it will help on tests; likewise with the firearm's exp.. I don't think the Degree helps at all, but the rest will help immensely when you get on the street. Although speaking Cantonese may only help you order food in 021 on your lunch break from 007.

        Correct about the academy, you can have a Doctorate, speak 9 languages, be a weightlifter and track star, ex-Police Chief from California, and you'll be running next to one of the "ex" gangbangers that live in that apt. complex you work at..

        If you're Oriental, that may help for hiring when the city puts together their diversity numbers to make up a class.

        Good Luck...


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          Originally posted by ChiTownDet View Post
          If you're Oriental, that may help for hiring when the city puts together their diversity numbers to make up a class.
          I'll take it!


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            Originally posted by Illinois Edmond View Post
            I'll take it!


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              If you're Oriental, that may help for hiring when the city puts together their diversity numbers to make up a class.

              I believe the PC term is Asian not Oriental...that's a type of rug.
              I'm still waiting for a chance to use my German. Every now and agian I'll use on someone who doesn't "hable" just for fun...but it's not the same.
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