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  • Out of state certification

    I hope to one day retire to Illinois. I know, it sounds backwards since I live in Florida, the retirement capital of the U. S. but I really love the little area my family is from in central IL. (Woodford Co.)

    Anyway, I know some of the small towns hire part time patrol officers. I may be interested in that and was hoping to find out about getting certified as an LEO in IL.

    I am certified and working in Florida and I would like to know if there is some sort of cross over academy or training program to be able to work for a small agency in your state. If so, what is that academy like? At my age, or more spicifically, at the age I retire, I will probably not be into being yelled at by some 20something kid in a boot camp style academy. If thats the case I'll just enjoy the fresh corn of your fine state.

    Fear not the armed citizen but rather the government that tries to disarm him.

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    You should be fully waiverable. You would only have to have the mandatory firearms training (1 week) and then law review for peace officers in Illinois (1 week). You then take the test and you are certified here.
    You would have to be hired someplace first, and they have to apply to the ILETSB for your waiver.


    I hope this helps.
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      Thanks Slam, thats good news.
      Fear not the armed citizen but rather the government that tries to disarm him.


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