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  • Nipas

    Recently I've spoken to a couple officers assosciated with NIPAS. They've all explained tiny bits and pieces about the organization, but not a lot. It's very interesting to me as someone who will be applying to many chicago suburbs.

    I was wondering if anyone is on the force, or in a department that's a member of NIPAS.

    How do officers get in?
    What do you think of the organization?
    What kind of issues are they commonly used for?
    Do they step on the toes of your department, or are they usually welcomed?
    Are there any similar groups in chicagoland?

    PMs are also welcome.


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    Some of your questions can be answered by going to the NIPAS website:


    Officers serve on the two NIPAS teams in a rotating capacity, whereby after a set number of years, they are rotated out of NIPAS to give another officer (or officers) on the department a chance. The selection process is highly competitive, including oral/written tests, reccomendations, and physical tests. They get the best, and without a doubt, they ARE the best.

    Without stepping on the toes of any other agency's SWAT team, the NIPAS Mobile Field Force (as their SWAT team is known) is considered to be the best part-time SWAT team in the country. It has often be compared with the LAPD SWAT team (even though the LAPD team if full-time).

    Municipalities that do not contribute to NIPAS either have their own SWAT teams or utilize the services of a sheriff's department SWAT team. However, some municipalities contribute to NIPAS and have their own SWAT teams which they use for containment purposes until NIPAS arrives. However, those teams are also capable of acting on their own to neutralize a situation if need be.
    Looks like someone took their stupid pills today.


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      Check out the ILEAS website...http://www.ileas.org/

      There is a video on this page that explains what it is: http://www.ileas.org/mutual_aid/Main.htm


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