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  • TheBlueLine.com

    Just curious if anyone has actually payed for a membership with theblueline.com? I just wanted to know if it was worth the $...if they actually list departments that they don't allready list for free on their site...

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    I have paid for one. You may get one or two jobs locally that are not listed on thier website. I would say it is worth it because the non featured deparments attract fewer applicants. For instance I tested for 1 department that did not list on the blueline's features section and only 50 people tested. On the other hand I tested for 3 featured departments and an average of 150 people showwed up for the written test.
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      same way for 911hotjobs.com

      alot of other non featured dept were listed - I was happy with that subscription.
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        I would agree with what has been said and when I was testing I just paid for the online subscription to save a few bucks and it was great. It is also nice since it list other depts. across the country if that is something you are interested in. If not then you still do receive more depts. than are listed for all to see.
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          Thanks...you guys made a good point...less people showing up for test = less competition!


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            Another site you might want to check out is publicsafetyrecruitment.com. Once in a while they would have departments on there that weren't on theblueline. I cancelled my subscription just because I am now only waiting for Chicago PD. They post a lot of fire departments if your interested in that as well.


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