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Cook County wants to demolish 3 buildings on the D.O.C. campus


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  • Cook County wants to demolish 3 buildings on the D.O.C. campus


    Preckwinkle reiterated her commitment to pushing for criminal justice reforms aimed at further reducing the jail population. Collective efforts in recent years have reduced the population to its lowest level since 1991. This sustained jail population reduction will allow Cook County to demolish three buildings on the Department of Corrections campus to save more than $3 million in FY 2016 and avoid $188 million in capital costs over the next decade.

    “This is a momentous step toward a criminal justice system that is more efficient, responsive to individual circumstances and less costly to taxpayers,” Preckwinkle said. “Bringing down the jail population is allowing us to bring down older buildings that are costly to maintain. As we see declines in non-violent pre-trial detainees, it is logical and fiscally responsible to reduce the number of divisions at the jail.”
    Its my understanding that 5 is empty, 4 is at half cap., and rumors about 1 being on the chopping block.

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    This is why crime is the way it is. If these buildings are so vacant and unused, why is everyone given an IBond and why are offenders constantly kicked right back to the street on reduced charges or "no probable cause"?

    It's funny that the big complaint was always "over population" and "over crowding", now we are hearing about buildings being empty.


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        Damn c o! yea 5 is empty and I think 4 is empty also. and there are rumors of 1 closing. Raiden you are 100% correct. Even the guys with multiple gun offenses are back out shortly after being locked up.


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          So that bitchess wants even less capacity and fewer deputies so prosecution and sentencing become even softer ...


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            I guess drug addicts don’t become violent when they desperately need money. I learn something new every day, and to think of all those poor guys and girls who have been locked up over the years. This is such bureaucratic bs. They’ll jeopardize public safety to save money. Just like the gambling…its wrong its illegal don’t do it, hey we need some new revenue ok now you can. Next people on gun poss charges will get EM because they didn’t actually use the weapon to commit a crime, rather it was for protection b/c of Chicago’s loose gun regulations and poor police services.

            Not to worry because things are going to turn around with the new Gun Violence Coordinator that the county board just approved yesterday. To be paid and selected by s/o.


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              Funny they mention knocking down three buildings, div 17, div 3, old cermak. They don't say its because they need the space to put up another brand new state of the art building like rtu. Div 2 and the annex well also disappear for another building in its place


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                Friday, January 29, 2016 —Three Cook County Jail divisions will close as part of a strategic plan to reduce operational costs and more efficiently house and care for inmates within County custody, Sheriff Thomas J. Dart said today.

                Div 1, 3, & 17



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