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Baofeng Police Scanners? - Who knows how to mess with settings in order to TRANSMIT?


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    Originally posted by VidaG View Post
    For example, I was working with two coppers from another agency that worked the Chi marathon and they were told to hold down a specific intersection the entire time, I asked about their Baofeng's and I thought that maybe CPD (I don't work for Chicago) gave it to them during rollcall, no.... It was their own personal. So essentially, if anything went down, and they had to call it in, only for it to be relayed to the OEMC dispatch, vs getting an immediate response, god forbid an Officer shot occurs while I'm assigned to a large scale event that my agency sent me to or if I'm moonlighting, I would want everyone to haul *** to me, and not have a larger window of time be created because I'm on a suburban, federal, state, or county band.
    That's just it. You wouldn't be authorized to use that frequency from the get go. In the event of a major emergency, the last thing OEMC (dispatch center for the city, if anyone didn't know) needs, or the on-duty coppers handling the city situation, is to have some random guy on the radio, clogging up the air, screaming an address, location, description, etc and no one knows who the hell it even is. That radio, as ChiTownDet already said, wouldn't come up with an identifier and OEMC isn't going to know who you are or why you are on the air. On-duty coppers handling the situation are going to get irked because they may need to relay important information, and when that 10-1 gets called, the last thing anyone needs, is someone not knowing radio protocols, tying up the space when there is an emergency.

    I don't know any other way to say it... If you don't work for said agency, you don't have the authority to use the radio on the band. Period. Where I live, I'm unincorporated, just because I want an expedited response, can I just hijack the CCSPD radio band and demand cars and start throwing addresses? No. Why call 911 these days? Need a car in Oak Lawn? Just hijack their radio band and scream your address and demand service. I'm on the job and I don't have the authority to jump on other bands for my own purposes. Why would anyone else be able to?


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