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Asst. State's Attorney Investigations Bureau / Investigators? Chime In!


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  • Asst. State's Attorney Investigations Bureau / Investigators? Chime In!

    Anyone know anything about the department (Cook County)? It appears to be retirement department for LEO's, however, more "younger" Investigators have been added w/o prior experience, so they weren't a lateral transfer. They've been sent to the academy (I heard it's ISP's metro academy). It's a very "low key" department and I think it's by design.

    Anyone on here know anything about the department, salary schedules, units, assignments, where academy training is for new recruits... ETC.

    What I know is that they're at all the outlying courthouses and is very much built up like a small suburban police department, except it's foundation is purely on investigation's for the State's Attorney's. I did notice that they have a executive protection unit, is that just for Alvarez? Anyone ever work with these guys on task forces, search warrants, etc? Looks like they all have take home squads. Anything cool about them? Not much to leave to the imagination from their website.

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    I have looked into the department but only what was available through their website. I'll probably throw my resume in there and apply if possible, despite the fact it's probably a long shot.

    Curious as well if anyone has any info!


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      They primarily look for/ transport witnesses to court. They have a unit that does suburban shootings by Police, one that reviews old death penalty cases, and I believe a cold case unit. The protection detail is for the SA, maybe 1st Dep SA.. They very seldom (almost never) hire non Police, and if they do, that person has a major hook to some politician. And those that work there and are more hooked up than others get assigned to the outlying court houses. Most work at 26th & Cal. I know many people that work there. Top out is in the $80K mark, and as I said almost entirely retired CPD Detectives, suburban Detectives and ranking burb coppers. Even then, you need a major hook to get there. Was a better retirement gig when you could put in your time and get a second pension from there, but the Illinois politicians ruined that by collecting multiple pensions for the same time worked in a job. Thought about throwing my hat in the ring and making my phone call, but don't feel like working full time, or ever setting foot in 26th St. again.

      You can apply, but chances are slim to none that you will be hired. Too much experienced talent vying for the job to hire non Police.
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