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  • DuPage Corrections Acadmey

    Anyone here been through the DuPage corrections academy? If so let me know how it is. Possibly going in August. Thanks

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    Went through it in 2005, I was employed by another county, but went through Dupage. What would you like to know?

    Did you get hired by Dupage, or another county that is sending you through?

    IM still waiting on the process with Dugage from the June 2014 test.


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      Got hired by Naperville for detention but they send you to the PTI academy either at Sangamon or DuPage County Jail. Just trying to get a feel for how it is and how the whole firearm carry works for this.


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        Unless you are sworn (Deputized by a county, or a PO through Naperville) you do NOT carry. You can not carry while at the academy, period. They put you through the 40 hour fire arms course and you can't have a firearm until range week. If you don't have a fire arm, Dupage will provide you with one (they issue Glock 17 to deputies, so that is what you'll use)

        Unless you have a CCW, how do you carry for Naperville? Detention officers aren't sworn Police, unless you were a police officer with NPD and just got thrown to detention (Corrections/detention have to be certified. A PO can't work corrections, and a CO/DO cant work patrol, they are different certs).

        As far as the Academy, it's more geared towards academics. Its Corrections centered, with some general LE mixed in. There wasn't much PT when I was there, but we did do a good amount during defensive tactics. You will take the state Exam for county correctional officer at the end, it's like the PO exam, just centered around corrections.

        It's not THAT hard of an academy. Just keep your head on straight, study study sstudy, and you'll be fine.

        I was the top Academically in my class, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

        All of the instructors we had were great....but again, that was in 2005. The head at the time was Sgt (I think he is actually a LT. now) Mondelli.

        It can be fun, and the instructors were a blast, specialy during range wweek.... BUT that's if you close your mouth, listen, and bust your ***. They rewarded hard work, and didn't put up with BS.


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          Okay, I'm just seeing a bunch of different things on the carrying aspect of it. I know you don't carry at work I already work in a jail. I'm talking more off-duty, I'm an auxiliary as well so I already did the 40 hour class and have a gun. Just seeing many different things in regards to off-duty carry. I know Cook County C/O are allowed to, and according to Federal LEOSA a C/O should be able to carry off duty but IL law is a little different. IL legislature website shows a couple proposed bills up saying that any retired or active Corrections Officer will be given the right to carry off duty. Not sure what the status on that is so just seeing if anyone has any further info.



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            CO's who are not deputized in IL do not count towards LEOSA currently. Non deputized CO's have no powers of arrest. Even State CO's are not authorized to carry off duty.

            Just letting you know how it works. Ive held Sworn and Non Deputized CO positions, Ive been through it. When I was a non deputized CO I was authorized to carry a weapon for work, but when I got off I had an hour to get home and lock it up. Couldnt carry on Creds. Sworn, well thats a different story.

            Working for a police department as a detention officer you are civilian (NON Sworn), and being that a PD is not a Sheriff's department you arent considered a "County Correctional Officer" (even though your certification will say it). You're considered non sworn civilian staff in the eyes of the law.

            Its nice that they send you through PTI for CO, comes in handy if you want to move up, or into Deputized CO positions (Other than Cook, they dont care).

            Being Auxiliary, did they send you through the 400 hour basic for PO, either part time or full? Auxiliary in Illinois is a VERY touchy subject, and most "Auxiliary" officers are not Conservators of the Peace and thus can not carry off duty on credentials (No authority to arrest, on or off duty). A good example is Berwyn PD, they train their guys, but they cant carry off duty, or actually "arrest" anyone.

            Ok well that said....... Even if you are authorized to carry with your Aux department, you wont be allowed to do so during the academy. Even Dupage Deputies (CO's) in the academy are not authorized to carry during academy hours, even after certification.

            Currently a DO (And Certified County Correctional Officer and Part time PO Certified) with a major police department. Went through Dupage County PTI in 2005.

            If you have anything more specific you want to know feel free to ask. Ill give you any information I have. It might be a little different, seeing as I went through 10 years ago.


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