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Certified letter after a psych


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  • Certified letter after a psych

    Hi all. I posted this in the Illinois forum because I want Illinois-specific answers. I received a notice that I missed a certified letter from a dept. after a psych eval.

    That's generally bad news, right? I'll find out when I can pick the letter up, but I just want to get a little insight first.


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    Could mean you passed and it is the information to schedule your poly or next step. Whatever it is, they want to know you received it.


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      Thanks, god of thunder. I'll try and stay positive until I receive it.


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        I didn't get selected based on my psych. I'm pretty sure I know why, and I doubt I'll get on anywhere else. Thanks to all of you on here for the advice and tips! I never would have been a top 5 candidate on my first try without o.com forums!

        Good luck to you all. I wish you the best!


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          Just because one department fails you on it, doesn't mean others won't hire you. I've personally failed psyche for other departments, and passed several others. You might not "fit their mold" and that's why. It could be political, they might specifically want the next guy down because of who he knows, etc.


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            I understand what you're saying, but there is a medical bg portion to the psych that I don't think I will get past. I had health anxiety that lead to panic attacks at night, and I've been on a SSRI for them for almost a year. The evaluator asked why I didn't disclose that to the dept, and I told him no medical bg had been asked for yet. He just said "oh" and typed something in his computer.

            I'll never know the reason why I failed, but I certainly don't blame anyone for shying away from me based on those facts.

            Thanks for the advice, Raiden.


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              There are two other departments I've already started the application process for, so I'm going to see what happens there.


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