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    Has anyone ever had this happen to them in the process. You get the initial call off the list and start the process. Poly then psych you pass it then move to the background. You don't hear anything since passing the psychological and you decide to call the commission. The person informes you that yes you made it to the background, but will not be moving forward due to them not having enough time to complete your background before the list expires. There was 3 weeks before the list expires. Now this doesn't make any sense to me. It's a waste of time and money for both parties involved. I would of figured that if you were going through the process even if the list expires that you were still a candidate. Its very frustrating, I couldn't find and regulations on this either. Anyone have this happen or know the regulations. I was a viable candidate and I'm surprised they didn't leave me in a pending status to offer me employment or if the knew there wasn't enough time why would they start the process in the first place.
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    They didn't hire you before the list expired. They pretty much win this one. It's not as black and white as right and wrong. It sucks but it's also law enforcement...and it is an indicator of how things go. If you plan on staying around it will not be the last time you get screwed. Buyer beware.


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      Bmw what state are you in?


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        Im currently in the process with a department I tested with two years ago that is now accepting applications. Several months ago I met with a detective in a home interview, who in the forthcoming weeks would complete my background. Recently I called and asked, what would happen to those of us who had made it this far? (Other applicants are ahead of even me). The detective was straightforward and honest about it, said he recently placed my name on a list given to the chief of applicants to proceed with but can not forsee any of us being hired unless theres an immediate need for new officers. I can relate BMW, especially that feeling of waiting several years and going through steps that raise your expectations; only to have them cut short. Its unfortunate, but I thanked the detective and told him id reapply.

        Now whats worse is a former coworker who had gone through and passed everything, including psych and medical after a conditional offer was given. He had everything completed two months before the list expired. They told him youre good to go, expect to be hired; except that never came. The list expires, and immediately after a new one is posted
        someone is hired. He doesnt retest though (which is definitely his fault). He told me their response was, the money wasnt available until after the next list. An additional problem was he turned down CPD in that two month window because he expected to be hired. It wasnt a fortunate turn of events.

        Point is, these commisions operate in their own world; unfair or not. Theres always that one person on every list ever created who just missed out, whether because hiring stopped one spot above him or any of the previous factors. Also, to everyone out there, never turn down a conditional offer in hopes of another opportunity thats not guaranteed yet
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