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LEOSA/Concealed carry in Chicago


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  • LEOSA/Concealed carry in Chicago

    Looking for a little local guidance on the LEOSA as well as IL state and local (Chicago/Cook County) regulations on carrying a concealed handgun.

    From researching the sources mentioned below, I came to the understanding that I may legally carry a concealed handgun in Chicago under the authority of the LEOSA. However, the LEOSA does not provide an exception for concealed carry in places prohibited by local laws/ordinances, i.e. in parks, and on public modes of transportation such as busses and trains.

    Is this interpretation correct?

    In Texas, an LEO may enjoy several exemptions with respect to places that concealed carry is otherwise prohibited by non-LEO's. Does Chicago and/or Illinois have similar legislation that I am not aware of?

    I am an active peace officer in Texas and I plan on traveling to Chicago to visit family and friends more often. I am seldom without a sidearm when I am off duty and/or traveling and would hate to place myself in an awkward position.

    I have read over the LEOSA, IL Firearm Concealed Carry Act, Article 24 of the IL Criminal Code, and Title 8 of the Municipal Code of Chicago. I also searched over many threads but did not find information that quite addressed my question.


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    IL had it's LEOSA program up and running long before most states including Texas. Many states used IL's program as a model for their states.
    Last year a law went into effect removing home rule gun laws from all cities. State law prevails throughout the state.
    A state's CCW law has no bearing on LEOSA. That's the purpose of LEOSA. It says so in the very first line of LEOSA exempting LEOs/'retired' LEOs from local laws. The only exceptions are those spelled out in LEOSA. Govt entities can only prohibit LEOs/retiree from carrying on govt property. If the govt doesn't own it then they have no authority over prohibiting a LEO/retiree from carrying there. Only the property owner has that right. That's no different in IL, TX, or any other state.
    You won't have a problem carrying in Chicago. They police are very familiar with it and are use to having visiting LEOs in their city. Generally CPD is a very good bunch. It's their city and they like showing it off to out of town LEOs.
    Enjoy your visit.
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