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  • resource management test tips

    hello future LEO's and Current LEO's.

    Looking for anyone that can provide a few tips on the Resource Management Law Enforcement Test. I understand this is a pretty tough test so I cant give one of my Marine brother any tips on it. Heard it was a little different than the normal test. Are there any sites he can look at? We checked their site and googled a few sites but nothing.

    So any of you motivated testing studs that can provide some immediate suppression on this, it will be greatly appreciated.

    Keep safe out there and good luck to those of you testing.


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    By the way, if you need to inbox the information that is fine as well.


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      This company does not offer study guides or anything. For some reason when I tested for gurnee they did give me a study guide. Otherwise they do not offer it anywhere on their site. I personally hate the test they proctor.


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        The best way to study this test is to take it several times. Since it never really changes that much, if you take it, try to remember some of the vocab, look up the definition, rinse, repeat. I'd try to remember all I could, look up the answer afterward, write it down. Then before taking the test, I'd do a quick study over my "answer" guide. It worked. My scores went from mid 70's to high 80's. For some odd reason though, I can NEVER get over a 90 on it. It's always 90 or 88. Drives me nuts, lol.

        There is some type of study guide though. They always said there was no guide for it. Yet when I took it for Matteson, they had a study guide at the Matteson Library available to look over, print out, etc. I never saw it myself, but others did say it was there? *shrug*


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          Raiden is spot on, i also never get above 90 on the test for some reason. I try to rack my brain for which questions i got wrong every time i take it.

          After preference points i usually get about a 94 or 95, so that's decent placement for departments that use this testing agency.


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            Does anyone happen to have a study guide on this test? If so, please direct message me.


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              I 2nd the comments above. Just keep taking it, he'll get better after a couple trys. The guides that was offered to me for that test did very little to prepare you for the ACTUAL test so I wouldn't rely on those. Like Raiden said, rinse and repeat! Really brush up on vocab and directional orientation. Helped improve my score from low 70's to high 80's!


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                Thanks for advice. I barely didn't pass this recent exam by 2%. I scored 73% when I needed a 75%. I now understand what everyone means by "trial and error" by taking this exam over again.


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