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    I guarantee you they can't carry off duty lol hell the va police are lucky they can carry off duty and thr took a while. This thread entertains me


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      I'm just going by what was told to me. I have the power test with them on Monday.


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        Haha w e kid your not Guna be a cop working there or go to a academy or carry off duty lol smh


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          Originally posted by Two11 View Post
          I heard that they are allowed to carry off duty like aviation.
          You're an idiot.
          For the cops out there: You are an adult. If you want to write someone, write them. If you don't want to write someone, then don't write them.

          "Jeff, you are the best cop on this board"-Anonymous Post


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            Why is this thread still going? You ask a question and not one person seems to agree or hold the same opinion of this place being "the police" like you, yet you continue to tell us what you were told.

            Good luck and next time I'm there, hopefully you can point me to the room where my DUI driver who just hit three vehicles is being treated. BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT SECURITY AT LGH DOES...


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              Originally posted by ISPTPR22 View Post
              Why is this thread still going?
              Everyone knows that if you ask enough people the same question, eventually, someone will agree with you. Except here LOL. That or he is just out-and-out trolling.

              “Truth is not what you want it to be; it is what it is, and you must bend to its power or live a lie.”

              Miyamoto Musashi

              “Life Is Hard, But It's Harder When You're Stupid”

              George V. Higgins (from The Friends of Eddie Coyle)


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                I have been holding out for a while...

                Two 11 your dead wrong...

                Listen, accept the truth from a 14 1/5 year
                Former Oak Forest Hospital Police Officer...

                Loyola University Medical Center is probably
                the closest you will get to what you are looking
                for; but they don't carry on or off duty...

                They go to the Academy; but their police powers
                are for on duty only...

                I tell you what; If you can actually show a class number
                or a class start date; at an academy, then this topic
                is new to all of us...

                If not I say; this is a Bona-Fide Troll out to

                I have found other Hospital Police Agency
                thru-out the states; but not LGH...

                I'll tell you what; put in for it and come back
                to tell us about the security training you received...

                Don't forget your Baton and key holder...


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                  Two 11 is right on one thing; the hospital and
                  area has had a drug problem in a child's playground
                  where hypo-needles are found on the playground...

                  there is also a slight rise in theft and suspicious
                  persons about; but the AREA POLICE DEPARTMENT ARE
                  CLEANING THIS MESS-UP!!!

                  NOT LGH SECURITY!!!!


                  I feel better...

                  Thank you and have a nice WHATEVER!!!!


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                    Really , just show us the State statute granting them Peace Officer status. So we know who to contact when one of them "off duty" shoots up the set in the City.


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                      I think I need to step in here since I work with the LGH security (Local PD Here) on a regular basis. They are security guards, most are retired cops, but they are NOT sworn peace officers.
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                        Originally posted by chitowndet View Post
                        are you serious? You've been talking to a bunch of "dreamer," wannabes. Read my posts. Private hospitals cannot be pd's. Now go work there if you want. Btw, what academy are the hospital guards in? Can't go to an academy unless hired by a police dept. Gang problem in park ridge? Who? The "insane skateboarders." "jewish princess mafias." maybe "the tree-lined suburban side street crew." "starbuck kings." get real. A hospital backing up a pd in a quiet, rich, burb, with not a lot going on?

                        Are they part of a task force with the ace hardware police?

                        You've been talking to "that guy" over there. Probably a lt. In the ipr.
                        starbuck kings unite! Lol


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                          Does the security officer pardon me public safety officer at LGH have off duty carry? Can he wear a tac vest while transmitting on tac 2?
                          I don't answer recruitment messages....


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                            Yes, They have off duty carry. They also transmit on car 2 not tac 2.


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                              Originally posted by Two11 View Post
                              Yes, They have off duty carry. They also transmit on car 2 not tac 2.
                              Holy Christ you're dense. You/they are not the police, therefore there is no such thing as off duty carry.


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                                Troop, someone won't believe it until he's pinched for 24-1.


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