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I got HIRED.


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  • I got HIRED.

    Well it's been a journey my friends. Just want to give the new testers my "stats" to give them an idea what it took for me to get hired.

    I took a total of 28 Police exams within the past year or so. I was in almost every Friday night in preperation for exams.

    I volunteered at a local police dept for about a year ( I directed traffic, helped at fests etc.) this eventually landed me a part time non-sworn position at the PD, which was great to bring up in orals.

    I became almost obsessive getting into a dept. I searched numerous career sites, village sites, college PD sites, forest preserve district sites etc for unadvertised job postings. I would use strategy deciding which tests to take if multiple were on the same saturday, "where will the most people show up, I will go to the lower paying dept test or the more unfavorable one"

    I spent in guesstimate about 800$ on exams total, not including gas driving to some of these boo-foo towns.

    I read books and listened to mock audio interviews.

    I worked a crappy low paying security job for the past 5 years, which got me through college to attain a BA and worked with my busy schedule.

    I am I would say an average test taker usually scoring between 86 on the low side-94 (with educational points) on various exams.

    I have failed 2 writtens and 1 physical. I am not a the strongest runner so I began doing 5ks etc to make sure I got my running in.

    difDepartments lie to you at orientation. They say not hiring and then end up hiring 6-8. I have witnessed this a few ferent occassions.

    These are some of the things it took me to get hired. I am very happy and excited to begin my career in law enforcement. I wish you all the best of luck and those of you who truely want it will work hard and get it. The others who sit on these boards yap yap yapping or can't pass power tests you have some work to do. Keep at it everyone and I'm glad this whole testing process is done for me.

    Take Care.

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    Originally posted by Carmavor225 View Post
    difDepartments lie to you at orientation. They say not hiring and then end up hiring 6-8. I have witnessed this a few ferent occassions.
    Congrats first of all, but...

    You were lied to? Did you ever think, maybe they just got a federal grant to hire more officers, or maybe they had 1 or 2 unplanned retirements. What would a department have to gain by flat out lying to prospective employees at an orientation? Clearly you tested at plenty of departments, so you are smart enough to know, plenty of places are hiring and whether they are hiring or not could change from week to week.


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      Congratulations on reaching your goal. This line of work doesn't come easy and is very selective on who is allowed the opportunity/honor of joining its ranks.

      Your dedication and persistence has paid off.... be safe.


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        Congrats on getting hired!


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          congrats buddy, I know you worked really hard for your goal, I witnessed your dedication every day


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