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Any graduates from ISP Metro class 480-1?


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  • Any graduates from ISP Metro class 480-1?

    I was wondering if any PO's on this site were from this class. I left my department several years ago and have lost touch with everyone. I just want to say hello and see how you are doing.

    Post here and I will PM you who I am.

    P.S. I still have in my possession the "Duty Recruit" name tag. I stole it from Sgt. Abbott(sp?) on our last day. Man I hated that guy!
    Hey man, how much the 25cent bag of Flamin' Hots cost?

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    480-22 here...Hope you re-connect with everyone
    We don't "LOL" here. This isn't facebook or some text message between BFF's who are all OMG WTFJH and DYST? We type and speak as adults. Fix yourself.


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      Hello there, 143a. I'm sorry to hear you left your department. I hope you have stayed in law enforcement after all the training you went through. Those "two weeks longer, not in vain."

      As far as the "Duty Recruit" tag, that's a treasure of war; yours to keep. If Sgt. Abbott let his guard down, that was his fault.

      I came across this site recently by accident. Crazy. Anyway, I was your Class Coordinator. Hey, no hard feelings on anything. I'm retired and enjoying it greatly. The State just keeps putting that paycheck in my account each month.

      I believed in everything I did at the Academy and got close to being "misty-eyed" watching everyone walk across the stage on graduation day. I hope you are doing well. By the way, I let a buddy fence in three acres of my property, joined to my barn, to allow miniature donkeys to graze. Hey, three less acres to have to mow.

      You know me. I don't know you. I wish you the best in anything you do. Ship me back a message. B.B.S., #3198, Sgt. (retired).


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        I will pm you
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        Hey man, how much the 25cent bag of Flamin' Hots cost?


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          Originally posted by Benbob View Post
          B.B.S., #3198, Sgt. (retired).
          Hi Ben. Hope you're doing well and enjoying retirement. You were one of the good guys.
          You know me. I was in 18 for a bit and finished in 9.
          183 FBINA


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            How do I private message Benbob?
            Hey man, how much the 25cent bag of Flamin' Hots cost?


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