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  • Boxing

    Anyone know of a decent boxing (or any h2h) gym in the western Chicago/Suburbs area?

    So far I've only found an LA Boxing which is about 15 miles from me...they seem to be all about "getting in shape". and fundamentals. I might try it out, but I'm more interested in learning how to box and getting a little bloody.

    I also found some gyms that are near me, but in the west side of the city. I don't think I'll fit in there very well.

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    If LA Boxing is a USA Boxing sanctioned club then go there. This means it is a legitimate club sanctioned by the main governing body in amateur boxing.

    If a gym takes someone off the road and straps on headgear and gloves and sends you in there as fodder for one of their star fighters you will be looking up the definition of TBI in no time...

    It doesn't matter how good a shape you are in (or think you are in)especially if you just lift weights and do the occasional HIIT workout, this does not mean you are even close to being in shape to go a few rounds in a boxing ring...

    Don't knock "getting in shape' and fundamentals. Even where I last trained some days were all cardio jumping around on the balls of your feet for an hour learning ring generalship. I would prefer a break and spar for a few rounds...

    Just my $.02


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      Are you looking for boxing specifically or is MMA OK? Here on the south side, there are few boxing gyms left. Word of mouth is there only advertising. Most of the gyms out there these days are focused on MMA because it's popular. It seems every martial arts academy has incorporated MMA.

      I looked at LA Boxing too, but their is no one-on-one attention unless you pay a lot extra for it. If you have bad technique, it will probably slip by the trainers' attention when they have a lot of people to work with. I originally looked for a boxing gym but joined an MMA gym for a year anyway because boxing gyms are harder to find. It was good but not what I was looking for. I've never won a fight on the street by putting someone in a triangle or any making them tap out. I won by hitting them into submission. That's just the way it worked for me. I'm thinking about joining one of these smaller independent boxing gyms, but they are usually less accommodating with their schedules and mine is irregular.

      By the way, I agree with GrayPatriot that their stressing getting in shape is underestimated. It's conditioning and fundamental. Knowing how to hit someone hard is great, but it's better if you can keep it up for several minutes at a time.


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        Thanks for the input guys.

        Just for clarification, I don't think I'm above "getting in shape" with boxing. I didn't want to come off as cocky. I'm sure I'd last about 20 seconds in the ring. The problem is when I read the website that's about ALL they preach. All their testemonials were about shedding weight. It also (like someone said above) seems like there is little 1 on 1 training without paying out the wazoo. There was very little information on actually teaching you to box.

        I'm really interested in boxing. I also looked at Krav Maga, but they only place I could find is in Buffalo Grove. The MMA and stuff is appealing, but there's just something special about boxing.

        I might try the LA boxing and see how it goes. If I feel like I"m getting lost in a sea of soccer moms burning calories, I'll drop out. I don't know a thing about boxing, so it really can't HURT me right?


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          My Husband goes to La Boxing and loves it. He did cut like 40 pounds when he was training for his fight, but they also have a comp team. Yes it is a lil more money like 50 extra a month. But he does like and and he def. got ripped from it. They kick his but every time he is in there. He spars a lot also and sometimes does get the one on one. I think it is worth it.
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            On 111th right around Kedzie there are a couple of irish boxing places.
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              Such a damn shame this MMA garbage is taking over because finding a decent boxing gym is difficult nowadays. Check out JABB. It's in the UK village. Pretty decent trainers there. R.I.P. Windy City Boxing Gym.


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                My posts aren't processing correctly around here today.

                Right. Celtic Boxing for sure. I forgot the name of the other, which was recommended by a good friend. Southside Knockout teaches MMA, and I heard there was a "For Rent" sign in the window recently. Unfortunately the OP is a west-sider.

                Would you mind going in the city? Pow! has Krav Maga, boxing, kick boxing, etc. It's around the west loop. I've looked into going there, but hate driving into the depths of the city if I don't have to. I don't know anyone who's been there either.

                I'd probably go for LA boxing too. The only problem is that they require a one year contract last time I checked, which was a couple weeks ago. LEO gets a small discount though.
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                  @ Item9,
                  My CrossFit gym has both boxing and now CrossFit Striking (MMA). It's in Wicker Park, if that interests you. I love it... Every week I do CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Yoga, and now MMA. I figure it's a good well-rounded level of fitness.

                  I checked out POW, and I wasn't that impressed. I wanted to get a tour and see a Krav class, and they sat me down on the couch during one and said, "here, you can watch, let me know if you have any questions." Huh? I just watched for five minutes and walked out. I'd rather spend my money on CrossFit anyways.
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                    sent u a pm. they train u and get u a licensed for amateur fights. i went there when i was younger.
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                      Thanks for the help guys. Now I have homework and some phone calls


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